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You open your front door to find Yoongi standing in the rain. You start to cry again.

"Y/N!" he latched himself onto you with the biggest bear hug yet. "Please, baby girl, don't cry! Let's go inside."

He sits you on the couch and goes to the kitchen to make the two of you some hot chocolate.

While the kettle is boiling he goes to the movies and picks out your top three.

"Movie night, with the boo," he explained.

A small smirk appears on you for a moment.

As he goes back to the kitchen, you go into the bathroom and grab it. Your last razor. You wanted him to have it, to prove your faith to him.

You go back to the living area and he envelopes you with the fuzziest blanket in the house as you sit down.

He hands you your mug of hot chocolate as he sees the gleam of metal in your palm.

"What's that in your hand?" he asks.

Slowly with a shakey hand, you put the razor in his palm.

His eyes widen with disbelief. "Y/N?"

"I want to give you my last razor. I-.... I feel more comfortable with you having it..."

He pulls you head in and leans it on his chest. "Y/N, this is a big move. I'm so proud of you. I know this must take a lot." He pulls you away and a little smile comes across his chubby, marshmallow face.

You two spend the whole night watching movies and getting close to each other. You fall asleep within the third movie and Yoongi carries you up to your room and gently places you on the bed. He kisses you forehead and falls asleep along side you, his arms and legs entangled in yours.