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Chilbong-ahㅠㅠ heok! I was typing when Chilbong gave Ara a kiss. That was clearly not a kiss scene! It is because a kiss is.... a little more.... that.. with the tongue ☆ and.... to be honest(,) I don't know about it that well either^.~ Sam Cheonpojjing went up the boat with the fatherㅠㅠ oh oh! Its Jung Daeman! As expected(,) a loyal girl! Assisting with her left hand and boarding the boat with only her right hand. Ah Jung Daeman is awesome awesome cute♡ when is the Taiwan* Supershow? We were number 1 in Taiwan for over 60 weeks *Taiwan in Korean is "Daeman"...which is probably why Heechul suddenly switched to talking about Taiwan sushow XD
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chilbong took my heart :'( i wish he had a better ending!