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You hear a knock on your front door.

Your guess was Namjoon, since he just asked where you were.

You open it to find a crying Namjoon.

"Baby?" you asked. "Baby, please don't cry, you're making me feel so bad...." you flop his hair back and start wiping his tears away with the sleeves of your hoodie.

He suddenly pushes past you and into you house.

"Y/N," he says through gritted teeth.

You tense up at the roughness of his voice. He only gets like this when he's super pissed.

"Y-Yes?" you stutter.

"Give them all to me," he says as he opens both his palms.

You go to all of your secret hiding places. Your makeup bag. Under the sink. Your bedside table. Your lunch bag. All but one.

You give all but the one to Namjoon.

"I said all of them," he said.

You started tearing up. "I-Bu-Just- I can't...."

He shoves all the razors in his jacket pocket, then places he big, strong, firm hands on your shoulders. "I believe in you. You're a strong and capable person. Please, just believe me that this is for the best."

You trust him, afterall, you guys have been dating for well over a year now. You go towards you final hiding spot and pause for a moment....

'Am I strong enough?' you think. 'If Nammie is believing in me, then I should believe in myself.'

You take out your final razor, and march your way to him with full confidence.

"There's my baby girl," he tells you as he grips your waist and pulls you so close.

He takes you to the bedroom and you cuddle and talk about other things, as he strokes your hair and rubs small circles on your back
Soon enough you're both asleep.