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Eunhyuk. Dude has charisma and better looks than some people give him credit for. Brace Yourselves ELFs.

Are you ready? No? Too bad. Lol
I'll go easy on you first. Then maybe you'll be ready. Deal? ok leggo.
Whew! Quite the warm up.Ready to heat it up a bit more?
No turning back now.
Is it getting hot in here?
I think it's time for a cool down.
Let's bring it down just a notch.
Did you survive that arrow to the fangirl (And boy) feels?
Well congratulations for surviving! I almost didn't!
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I'm a hard Donghae Stan, I'm a hard Donghae Stan, I'm a hard Donghae Stan, I'm a hard Donghae Stan!!!!!
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@Kirinacorn81 I will let him live, but he over here flexing them muscles
I survived, but HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!
So glad he's back πŸ’™πŸ’™
yes! me too!
I almost didn't make it 😲
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SUJU, DB5K, Shinhwa, and Rain were my first loves @MelissaGarza @Starbell808
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