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They stopped at a little cafe out of the way of the busy traffic. It was someplace that him and Chen often went to spend some quiet time together. If the “Today's Special” sign wasn't out on the sidewalk, no one would know it was there. Trees and foliage covered most of the front, it was like walking through an archway of a mini jungle before you come out the other side into a little paradise.

Xiumin didn't think bringing her here would be any trouble but when they walked in, he didn't expect to find his Chen-Chen there with BaekHyun. They didn't seem to notice when him and Nari walked in. They didn't seem to be really paying attention even when they walked right by them. Nari tapped him on the shoulder but Xiumin just kept walking. Even as he went up to the second floor, taking a table on the balcony. She could feel something was wrong, he was being very silent.

“Was that Jongdae-ssi sitting downstairs?” she finally asked

“It is.” Xiumin sipped his latte.

“Are you two fighting? You didn't even say hello to one another.” She watched him but he seemed not to really care.

“No, we're not fighting. We just had a little conversation about something, I told him there was nothing to worry about” He said sounding calm about the whole matter.

“There's never nothing to worry about…” he heard from behind him, “as long as it doesn't make you choose.”

Xiumin turned around and greeted Baekhyun as he came around and sat across from Nari, staring at her with a little smirk but said nothing. Now that he saw her face up close, he knew for sure she was the same one from that night.

“Hyun-ah, this is Nari, noona’s friend and coworker…”

“I know, we've met before. How have you been?” Baekhyun coolly asked.

Nari bowed her head quickly, looking at him with the widest eyes ever. For a moment, she flashed back to backstage of their last show, he was the last person she wanted to run into. “Annyeonghaseyo, Byun Baekhyun-ssi. I have been well. How about you, how have you been?”

Yes, she was there, Byun Baekhyun had pulled her into the bathroom, having his way with her. When it was over, all he did was giggle, she wanted to slap him. Chanyeol seemed to glare at her from that time on. It was an incident that Nari tried to deny ever happened. Because she had her eye on Minseok oppa but Byun Baekhyun had noticed her and hounded her until she gave in. That, whatever it was that happened in the dressing room bathroom, had been a mistake. Given, he was a good kisser, she'll give him credit for that much.

Her face grew hot thinking about that moment.

Baekhyun looked to Xiumin, “Are you two on a date?”

“Yes.” Xiumin said quietly, then he looked at Baekhyun evilly, “Are you?”

Baekhyun felt that snap, “Aish! we felt like getting some coffee.” He got up and left, cursing under his breath.

“What's all that about?” Nari asked after she watch Baekhyun stomp down the steps.

Xiumin shook his head, “It's nothing, just teasing each other.”

“Really? It sounded serious.” Nari said.

Nari saw her opportunity to ask, “Minseok-ssi, I have been curious about something. I wonder if you'll honestly answer me.”

He gave her his undivided attention.

She giggled at how he was being, he pushed his cup aside and folded his arms in front of him, looking at her directly.

“I was wondering…. Are you seeing anyone? Dating anyone?” she asked. She felt a little stupid asking because she wanted to believe that if he was, he wouldn't be there with her.

He looked at her for a long time, thinking of what to say, he was a little taken back by the question, “No. I haven't dated anyone for a long time. Not since…. Ummmm, my first year being with the boys, that was the last time I was seeing anyone.” He kinda looked away sadden by the memory of his first love. Then he suddenly smirked, looking at her, remembering she wanted his honesty, “But there have been numerous women since then. Meaningless women who satisfied my need for physical pleasure.” He grinned like a cat, even his ears perked up a bit.

It was a grin that kinda gave her the creeps but at the same time made her curious. But she was also relieved to hear him say no. Curiosity still had her as to who he was speaking to that day. It was so personal and intimate.

Kim Minseok, What. The. FUCK!!!!!