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You put your cellphone down on the concrete slab. You were so sure you were gonna do this. All those months of keeping it in the dark, you decided you were finally going to take the risk.

You sit down at the edge of your apartment building roof top, and look out across the night skyline.

The insignificance of your whole being crushed you.

In your last moments, you decided to write Taehyung a note. Saying that it wasn't his fault. It wasn't, of course, but you can never quite figure out what's going on in the head of his.

Those words you wrote on the scrap sheet of paper, read:

Taehyung, my adorable Vweetheart. I want you to know, none of this was ever your fault. It's not my place in the world, just yet. Please don't be mad or upset with yourself. I know you'll blame yourself for days, but I guess like everyone else you'll forget me. Please find someone who will love you just as much as you love them. F/N L/N.

You put the note underneath your phone and you prepared yourself to jump.

Running could be heard on the rooftop as a large pair of hand wrapped you up at the waist. A head was now able to be felt through the jacket you wore.

"Y/N," a Taehyung like voice whispered. "Why? Why'd you have to go and make me worry???" His voice now a shaking, worried mess, threw you off.

You really didn't expect this. On the brink of disaster, and yet he was still the calm in the middle of the storm.

All that could escape was a weak and fragile, "Sorry," from your mouth.

He continued to wrap you up in a strong hold and slowly brought you away from the edge of the building. You end up sitting in his lap and he rocks you back and forth. He places his head in the crook of your neck. "Baby," he started. "I love you, with my body, heart and soul. Please never think of yourself like that. You are so much better. Please just tell me..... You scared me to death."

"I'm sorry," you say. "I'm so sorry. I love you, baby. I love you so much."

You fall asleep in his warm embrace on the roof top. He gets up and grabs you phone, then he notices the note. He unfolds it and reads what you wrote for him. He smiled vaguely and rips it apart. You won't ever be needing it ever again. The little pieces of the letter flutter away like all your worries in the world.