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((I'm a little nervous about posting this one but fuck it.))

I've heard a lot of people say
"I don't want my kid to be gay
But if they are, I'll love them just the same"
Do they even know what love is?
Sure, I'm not homeless, and that's fine
But why do I still feel my life is on the line?
Why do you keep giving me signs
That I'm running out of time?
Look me in the eyes and say I'm not a human being
That it doesn't hurt when you call my love a disease
And how can you, who never wanted children in the first place
Who admitted to my face that my existence is a mistake
Claim that I'm trying to commit genocide
Just because I can't make a woman pregnant someday?
Let me tell you something, tonight I fight back
I'm kicking down these doors and taking my life back
The words on this page will be my battle cry
As I raise my fists towards the sky
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it took a lot of courage to share something so painful. Give yourself credit for that one. Just my opinion but no human life is a mistake! That includes you. I'm so sorry you are going through so much and not getting the support you need. Another thing, we can't control who we love any more than we control the weather. What you need to know it that you are beautiful and special just the way you are. it is often our family who hurts us the most. Family "of choice" usually works out better for me. i am not consistent and for that i am very sorry but I want you to know i am here for you. Love and hugs, Leah