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This is what happens when i finally get a day off work and go to forbiddan planetIm superrr happy with what i got tho! :3
The sheild is a backpack and the strawberry milk is a pencil case :3
Espcially the pop figures!!! Ive been waitin forever for them to come out!
I see MetaKnight!! holy crap! and awesome stuff!! i didn't know the Funkos were released yet... i gotta wait another week for payday...
@LadyLuna yh hes just chillin upside uno as he dose😂 was holdin up my one piece manga but it didnt work so well
Oh my god. I didn't know Tenya and Ochaco were already released!! I only have battle Deku so far. Im so jealous!
@JessSenpai they had all 6 out in my local forbbidan plannet! hopefully youll be able to get then soon too ^.^
I may be wrong but why do I get the feeling that the character behind the Hylian shield is Staz from Blood lad? 😂
@KingHamura oh he is!!! thats my big Staz painting i did a couple of months ago! :3 ill tag you in the post so you can seeee
I'm so jelly loll I want those Funkos! and no way!?!?!? is that the Mario hat 😍😲😲
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@whatamooy oh okay its a back pack awesome! :) I thought it was the real shield! ^_^ and nice you got a deal on it hahah I would have done the same
originally I had plans of getting that Deku pop, but then I saw the Deku Nendoroid and I need to have it *.*
@Imagide awww its too cute!! but i love the style of the pop figures and they match my other anime pops :3