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You slam your phone down on the park bench in frustration.

He's so immature, it's annoying.

You started feeling a sense of unwanted-ness. Like nobody gets you, not even your boyfriend of 7 months gets you.

"Goddammit," you sighed, though a mother still looked like you said an even worse curse word. You sigh again, and walk over to that one sketchy corner of the park where all the emos who were stuck in 2006 were. You take out your razor you kept in the back of your phone case. One kid who didn't seem more that 12 walked up to you and asked if you had an extra.

You said no, when in fact you did. It kind of broke your heary to see such a young kid have to go through this. You where ___ years old, its different. Right?

You watched as the blood from your wrist started to pour out.

"Y-Y-Y/N...?" a frozen Jungkook stood in you path of sunlight.

Your own eyes widen in fear. You instinctively hide your freashly cut wounds and drop your razor behind you. The kid from earlier ran to pick it up and they started running in the opposite direction.

You watched as you may as have helped in ending their life.

A Jungkook grew closer to you. He roughly pulled your bleeding arm out from behind you, causing you to mewl out in pain.

He looks at your arm in confusion. "Why would anyone do this to their own body? It's stupid, you're trying to fix what was perfect in the beginning."

He gently pulls you up from where your sitting and covers your bleeding arm with a jacket.

He pulls you inside your little one room apartment, and goes to your firat aid kit. Surprisingly, he does extremely well in wrapping all of it and he does it really softly at that.

"Y-You're n-not mad at me?" you ask him.

"Not at all," he told you. "I'm more upset at myself for not seeing the warning signs. I just want to know one thing," he says and he looks deeply into your eyes. "What made you think, that I didn't care?"

You were take aback from the question. You were sure it was gonna be "Are you stupid?" or "What was going through your head?" but he was so gentle and calm.

"I.....I just... thought that..... well.... maybe because nobody else did... then you didn't either?"

He pulls you into a tight hug, but made sure not to hurt your arm.

You give him all your razors and the stuff you were going to use to one day end you life.

He was so proud of what you had done.

The two of you head out to get ice cream and go out to eat on his treat, making you forget all that had happened that day.