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You took the opportunity of two hours to go to the bathroom and take a nice long, hot shower.

As you were rinsing off your body, after what seemed like an hour, your mind starts to drift.

It starts going back to the old days, back when everything seemed to go wrong. It's been 4 years since that you ended. You thought you had gotten better. Even SeokJin thought you were better.

Even though he knows about your past, he acts like its all gone and that none of it ever happened. He tries to act like there are no cares in the world, but he doesn't understand that just sometimes those thoughts come back to you.

And those thoughts are back now. You start reaching for your old razor. It has been at least 4 months since the last time. You were doing so well.

Then that bright red liquid was back to see daylight. It quickly got more and more flowing, shit. You end up passing out sometime after.

Jin's POV
I'm gonna surprise her with her favorite chocolate and make her her favorite dinner. God, what did I ever deserve to get such an amazing girl.

I walk in and I automatically hear the shower running. I knock on the bathroom door, "Babe! I'm home!"

When there was no answer, I pause for a bit. I set the chocolate down on the coffee table and knock again. Maybe she didn't hear me the first time?

"Babe!" I said a little louder. I let myself in, trying not to see her whole body. We're not married yet. "Y/N!!" I see her past out half way in and half out the shower. Blood dripped from her arms. "Y/N!!!" I said with more force, trying to wake her up.

She groggily groaned as I called out her name. I gently sat her up in the still running shower. I turned it off and got a little soaked in the process.

What on earth is she thinking.

back to third person

Ugh, your head hurts so much. The sound of SeokJin yelling your name brought you back.

"Huh?" He placed a towel over your womanly parts and gently got you out and sat you on the toilet.

"What on earth were you thinking?!" he stated. "I thought you were doing so well..."

He wrapped up your freshly cut wounds and took you to the bedroom.

He made sure you drank plenty of water to make sure of any lose of blood. He put your favourite food on and set up Netflix. He told you to put on whatever you wanted, so you put on _________, its your favorite show but Jin hates it. He bring you dinner in bed and he later brings out your favorite kind of chocolate.

"What did I do to deserve you," you smile at him.

"You were being yourself," he smiled back.