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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length:  3426 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 13

Y/N’s Pov:

 You woke the same way you fell asleep after your nightmare. Seo Joon was awake and you sure let him know you were awake by pinching his nipple.

“Ah!” He pushed you away. “What was that for?”

“Just making sure you're awake” you smiled as he rolled his eyes “where's Jungkook?”

“Left with the guy to meet their manager.” Hyungsik said walking out the bathroom still only in boxers. You threw a pillow at him. “Ya! What was that for?”

“Last night was an exception, put on some damn pants will you!” You said jumping out of bed walking to the bathroom. “What time do I need to be there?”

“Jungkook said not till after lunch you've got about two hours to kill.” Seo Joon yelled through the door.

 You got ready and the guys did too. We had about an hour and 30 minutes to just lazy around and do something. Hyungsik and Seo Joon decided to take you out for coffee and lunch but you paid in the end. You felt bad for waking them up last should really apologize to Kookie too, woke up and saw two half naked guys holding guns. Damn I hope I didn't scare him.

 After you met up with the other stylist while the guys went with new security. We talked about what to have Bangtang waer tonight and the styles. It didn't take us long, since they didn't wear what we made them last time we put them in that.

 The rest of the week was pretty much the same as the first. The boys performed one more time before we got on the tour bus and I can say that was something. The guys didn't like having to leave me with Bangtang but I told them I'd be fine and can handle myself.

 As soon as I walked on, there was a small table on one side and on the other a small kitchen. You go down and there are eight cubby beds. Four on each side and one on the other across from another. After you get pasted that you have a small room for changing and a bathroom. The back was another place to sit and an emergency exit.

 Jungkook and you were on the far end side by the kitchen. You slept on bottom and he slept on top till you argued and argued and still got the bottom. Across were Tae and Jimin, Tae in bottom Chim chim on top. Next to them were Jin and Namjoon. Jin on bottom Namjoon on top. Across them was Hobi and Yoongi, ray of sunshine on bottom, and Yoongi on top.

 It didn't take us long to load up so we were set and left first thing at the end of that week. Daisy sent me and the guys off with some coffee and sent Jungkookie off with a kiss. On the cheek of course. As soon as she saw him I swear it was like a movie. She ran towards him and he picked her up and spinned her not breaking eye contact. After he hugged her for a good oh 15 minutes or so she gave him a kiss on the cheek and boom we had to leave to meet the rest of Bangtang.

 Now the rest of the trip in North America...well it sure was something else I'll tell you that for sure. Chicago was definitely something with all the fans, some went a little over the line but they were all pretty respectful. But I had done a lot more work in North America and South America. The boys just asked for a lot...including the stylists, well most of them. I was surely on my toes the whole time.

 The weirdest part was the plane ride to Asia. First was Thailand and well I didn't know all the things I was meant to do. The plane ride I wasn't doing much work...but instead got kinda embarrassed. Once the plane took off somehow my carry on was opened and my clothes spilled everywhere on the plane, and my underwear and underclothes ended up on Jin.

 You were honestly surprised but the plane taking off didn't stop you from jumping out of your seat to help Jin. If it embarrassed you imagine how poor Jin would feel. You jumped out of your seat and helped him.

“Jin Oppa!” You yelled taking your underwear off him. “I'm so sorry I thought I locked it.”

“Excuse me miss we’ll handle it.” A lady from the flight said.

“Um unless you wanna hold my thongs, bras and underwear I suggest you let me handle my own mess.” You smiled and continued picking up your stuff before returning to your seat.

“Moon I know Jungkook isn't as handsome as me, but you didn't have to drop your undies on me as an excuse to touch me.” Jin joked helping you out.

“Jin, I'll say this the nicest way I can. Shut the fuck up.” He smiled and nodded as you put them back in your bag and placed it up top again.

 You sat down and stuffed your face into the neck pillow Tae bought you. You tried to keep your cheeks from heating up but you were so embarrassed. You stayed like that and fell asleep on Seo Joon’s shoulder. When you woke up it wasn't the best way to wake up.

 You were jolted awake with a rush of cold water being spilt on you and Seo Joon.

“Yah!” You yelled standing up then hitting your head against the flight attendants.

 You looked her cold in the eyes, you were pissed and she could tell.

“Miss I am so deeply sorry I tripped and did not mean to splash that on you.” She looked genuine and kinda on the verge of tears.

“It's fine.” You said calmly. “Just get my seat clean and dry by the time I get done changing, please.”

 You grabbed your carry on and walked to the bathroom to change. Seo Joon's face only got wet so he was fine. When I was done my seat was dry.

“Switch me seats.” Seo Joon laughed and let you sit in his to again fall asleep but this time on Hyunsik's shoulder.

 You stayed asleep till you got hungry the flight lasted about 20 hours. By the time you landed there were paparazzi taking photos of Bts and you. Your boss needed to make sure Bangtang didn't have a clue. Except for the fact Jungkook actually already knows and Yoongi was pretty close to catching on.

 Once there you got to the hotel and it was kinda awkward. Hyungsik and Seo Joon would have there own room. Jin, Tae, Jimin and Namjoon shared a room. I shared a room with Jungkook, Hobi...and Yoongi. Alrighty a week here then a week in Indonesia. No matter I’ll be fine it's only a week.

“Moon-ah!” Hobi walked in and hugged me. “We’re gonna have such a fun time!”

“Woo hoo.” You said hugging Hobi back.

“I picked so many movies and Jin hyung said he'd save us food for them but we do have room service.” He pulled out all kinds of snacks and movies. “Manager hyung said that while we're here we have three whole days free two days of concerts and fan meets then a plane ride. SO we have three days and two nights to have fun and relax!”

“Oh did you bring the PS4?” Jungkook asked jumping on the bed closest to the window. Guess that's ours for the week.

“Oh oh yeah Jimin said he’all give it to us later tonight.” Hobi said bringing games out of his bag.

“Any Overwatch?” You asked unpacking. There was silence.

 When you turned around Hobi was surprised and Jungkook too but a little less probably knowing I'm an agent cooled it...somewhat. Yoongi looked over at the boys too grinded a little and when he looked at you he bit his lip. You couldn't help yourself from smiling back before rolling your eyes and getting back to your unpacking and putting some stuff in the bathroom.

 After you went out and laid on the bed scrolling through your phone for a while. You looked at some headlines. ‘Bts With China's Top Stylist on Wings Tour!’ You smiled when you saw all the comments ‘making our boys shine’ awww. The ones of ‘her’ being beautifully trained was a nice compliment.

 After a while the guys got hungry and we ordered room service. The guys sat on the floor and I ate on the bed looking up new makeup ideas not going over this time.

“I'm telling you he had a HUGE score Kookie, that could be you. You could be famous.” You almost choked laughing.

“Did you forget you’re on a tour and last I checked the places we've been and by the math.” You started writing down the numbers of an about numbers of the fans that showed up. “Over 144,000 people showed up so far. I'm pretty sure you guys are already considered famous.”

 The guys had that look again. Yoongi you looked at him and he was smiling, when you smiled back he coughed and went back to eating. Cute Mr. Min. Very cute. After you finished eating you walked down to the guys room. You didn't need to knock, at least you thought. When you walked in they had been eating but on their bed without shirts and their weights on the floor.

“Bloody hell, I can't take you guys anywhere.” You said closing the door before sitting on Seo Joons bed.

“Y/n!” Hyungsik said with a mouth full. “Are you hungry?”

“Nope.” You said taking abbot off off Seo Joon's plate. “What?”

“So you’re sleeping with Kookie boy tonight?” Seo Joon asked wiping my mouth.

“Jungkook! And I will be fine in one bed. It's not like he'd try anything I'm also sharing the room with Hoseok and Yoongi.” You said drinking from his cup.

“I'd still be careful though. He sleeps only in boxers and from personal experience he’s definitely a cuddler.” You threw a pillow at Hyungsik. “Yah! I could have dropped my food Y/n!”

“You should really just shut the fuck up Hyungsik.” You said laying on Seo Joons lap. “What do you guys think about the guys anyway?”

“Namjoon and Jin are chill, somewhat.” He looked down at you. “What do you think about them?”

“I'm not sure yet. What about the others?” You asked sitting up.

“Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok are a bit childish for their age, Jungkook from sharing a room with him he's very chill and understanding. Yoongi kind of reminds me of boss and my grandpa combined. Why?” You smiled.

“Your grandpa?” You laughed as he nodded. “How much longer do you think this case will take?”

“This unsub seems to be under distress on what to do. We most likely stopped their attack strategy when we showed up.” Hyungsik said.

“Not to mention we are on a tour with the boys in another country.” Seo Joon added.

“Wouldn't that be a best time to attack? Totally different country and could leave where no one could find them.” Hyungsik continued.

“Not necessarily, if the unsub had planned to attack one of the members when or after we showed up we halted the unsubs plan.” You explained sitting up.

“The first plan was flawed because new members showed, now in a new country gives them the perfect opportunity, why not attack once we’re out of the country?” Hyungsik asked.

“They're in an unfamiliar place if they attack and don't know an easy way of escaping they'll be caught.” Seo Joon said.

“According to the boys previous tours they’ve made all new stops and performing locations, if the unsub isn't comfortable attacking on tour they'll most likely wait till we get back to Korea.” You said standing up.

“And if they do attack it'll be so the members see one of them fall and when it means a lot to them.” Hyungsik said.

“A concert.” Seo Joon said throwing away his trash. “After the fans wouldn’t see and the boys would be to drained.”

“Before will give them enough time to prepare and catch the boys off guard before performing, leaving the members in shock and unable to perform the fans will be upset after an attack on one of their idols as well.” You said helping the guys.

“So the real question is when will the unsub attack one of Bangtang?” Hyungsik asked.

“We can already rule out while we're on tour, so once we get back to Korea we need to be on guard. We have two concerts once the boys get back the unsub will most likely strike on the first one.” Seo Joon said. “They've had to put it off till then and would be eager to get it over with.”

“Unless they're smart and would want to wait till their last concert to finish up the tour.” You said.

“Then the tour never offialy ends and without all Bangtang never will.” Hyungsik finished.

“Bingo.” You shot a finger gun at him and walked to the door. “So as of the rest of the tour we can relax but still need to be on guard, anything could trigger this unsub.”

“Alright, we’ll see you later Y/n.” Seo Joon said walking you out. “And hey you'll be a great boss once this tours over.”

 You smiled, gave him a hug and went back to your room where you found the boys playing overwatch. Yoongi was laying on his bed listening to music and I decided to put my headphones in and keep looking for makeup ideas when Jungkook and Hobi threw a pillow at me.

“Hey!” You threw it back. “I'm working!”

“Exactly we already wasted one of our days off lazing about, and our first night you're working!” Jungkook whined. “Come and watch a horror movie with us Noona!”

“Yeah, we never get to spend this much time with you.” You rolled your eyes and sat on the floor with the boys.

 Hobi turned off the lights and brought some blankets to the floor along with some pillows. Yoongi joined on a little later too, not sitting by me though, but whenever a ‘scary’ Part happened he would look at my reaction to it. I wasn't that scared, Hobi and Jungkook didn't pick the best movie that nights.

 The next day we went out pretty much touring like usual. The rest of our days off we really just relaxed no clubbing just chilling. The first day of the first concert there was nice and relaxed. At first at least.

“Woah did you see how much people showed up?” Hobi asked Jungkook and Yoongi while flopping on his bed.

“It was sold out! I heard manager hyung telling Namjoon hyung after we performed the out tro.” Jungkook said while the two of you made the bed.

“You guys did great, I'm sure the fans lost their voices and I lost hearing in one ear.” You said making your way to the bathroom to change.

 When you came back out the guys were all changed and in bed to where only their upper bodies were put. Yup. They all sleep in boxers, and yes Jungkook is a cuddler. I push a pillow at him every night don't worry.

 I got in the bed with Jungkook. Hobi got up and walked down to the others boys room to talk to Tae and Jimin before coming back for bed. Not long after Seo Joon and Hyungsik busted in (IN THEIR FLIPPING UNDERWEAR TOO) needing to talk to me.

“Hey uh, Moon we need to talk.” He looked at you dead serious in the eyes. “Now.”

 You nodded and jumped out of bed not caring what you were wearing you ran down the hall with the guys to their room.

“What happened?” You said walking in.

“Someone hacked Daisy’s phone.” Hyungsik said.

“Ok and?” You asked.

“They sent us a threat, they're planning on exposing us as agents at Bangtang’s concert tomorrow in front of all their fans, security and stylists.” Seo Joon explained.

“Shit!” You walked to the door to leave.

“Where are you going?” Hyungsik asked.

“Getting my phone and laptop, I want you to call the Agency and have them get me access to the stage for tomorrow's performance and the number to the hosts at the arena the boys are playing at. Now!” You said before running back to your room grabbing your bag then running back. “Did you get a hold of them?”

“Boss just sent you the number to the hosts and JJ’s emailing you the source code to the arena now.” Seo Joon said plugging in his laptop to the TV.

“She must have gotten hacked after the club, she would've noticed her phone acting up.” Hyungsik said.

“No way she's smarter than that.” You said breaking the walls of the clubs internet cameras.

“Then how’d they get our info?” Seo Joon asked.

“You were right about it being at the club.” You sent a video to Seo Joon so he could display it on the Tv. “She sat her phone down and the guy next to her sent it to himself then deleted it so it had no trace.”

“Get a hold of Daisy and have them track the message.” Seo Joon ordered.

“That will dealt with later right now I need this guy.” You used your phone and called the host. “Yes hello I'm secret agent Y/n Moon of the KCIA I need to speak to whoever is in charge of Bangtang Sonyeondan’s performance tomorrow?”

“Yes ma'am please give me a minute. .” After about five minutes I got ahold of them.

“Hello?” He asked.

“Yes Hello I'm secret agent Y/n Moon of KCIA I'm going to need you and your stage crew to listen to my every word from now on till tomorrow after Bangtang's concert. Sir lives are at stake I will need your help and corroboration.” You said stern.  

“Yes ma’am of course.”

“Tomorrow I will be arriving with Bangtang Sonyeondan you will inforce and call me as Moon. Once I get there for pre rehearsals I will need an earpiece and a room where the Bangtang Boys can not see nor hear me only your crew can.”

“Ok ma’am.”

“And sir tomorrow all your workers will follow my orders and my team's orders. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Don't not let anyone know I informed you of this except your works tomorrow. I will see you tomorrow.”

 With that you hung up and finished hacking their walls.

“We have everything now what?” Hyungsik asked.

“We wait till tomorrow. At the least we keep Bangtang and their crew from finding out, if the fans see and it gets recorded we can block Bangtang's account, do you understand?”you said stern meaning business.

“Yes Ma’am!” They said in unison making you smile.

“Y/n?” Hyungsik asked. “You said lives were at danger, how?”

“If the unsub sees we’re agents they'll be provoked and could end up hurting more then than just one member in Bangtang and other parts of the crew.” Seo Joon said you nodded. “Go get some rest Y/N, you're the best hacker here, we need you in the best state.”

“I know Seo Joon, I'll need you guys too.” He nodded and you left grabbing your things.

 You made you way back to your room packing your bag with your electronics and charging your phone before heading to bed. The guys watched you run around the room before going to bed.

“Moon -ah?” Hobi asked.

“Yeah hope?”

“Your not gonna over work yourself are you?” You walked over and hugged him.

“No Hoseok I'm just helping out Seo Joon. I don't want to ruin your tour.” He smiled and went back to bed, you did the same.

 You fell asleep rather fast and when you woke up to banging on the door you were out of it. No one was in the room and you bag was gone. Shit! Please be another nightmare! You wished for jumping out of the bed running to the door.

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