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I know that I just went to the GD concert, but omg now I'm gonna see Taeyang live!! After these concerts I'll have to live more frugally though haha. It was a bit stressful buying the tickets since Taeyang's venue is much smaller than the one that GD performed at a few weeks ago. My friend and I ended up having to buy tickets that are two rows apart since we couldn't get ones right next to each other (or in the same row). I just checked the ticket website and there were only like 10 seats left including floor seating/general admission, which is insane since it's been less than 2 hours since tickets went on sale.
😱 me too!!!!!! I can't wait 😁😁😁
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you could always ask the person in the next to you if they would switch with your friend, that's if its a party of one
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lucky. also have fun :)
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