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Hello AMS Unicorns, I bring you another Asian Male Actor Friday. This week I bring you Kim Woo-bin.
Name: Kim Woo-bin
Birth Name: Kim Hyun-joong
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
DOB: July 16, 1989
Height: 188cm (6'2")
Weight: 70kg
Agency: SidusHQ (Korea)
Education: Jeonju University
He started in dramas School 2013, The Heirs and many more. He was in movies The Con Artisists, which I must say was awesome and so was the money Twenty! Before being an actor he was a runway model in 2009. This is where he started his career. He then stared in commericals and dramas and then his career took off in acting. He thinks that he looks strange. He is alsways told that his eyes look like the dinosaur T-rex.
I see nothing strange about him. He is really handsome. In his 2nd year of high school he weighed 59kg, so he ate 30 eggs a day for 3 months to gain 12kg to the phyisic he has now. I must say it has paid off. His hobbies are watching movies and excercising. His favorite foods are deokbokki, jajjangmyeon and pizza. His best friend is his co-star in School 2013, Lee Jong-suk.
They have been friends since Woo-bin's modeling days and still remain close friends.
Woo-bin say people comment his personality as michevious. They sometime call him "the devil," because he will like to organize events and force his friends to have to join. I could never see him being the devil type, he just seems to be so nice. He says that if a girl breaks up with him for no reason, he will go find her and ask her what is the reason they broke up. I mean now tell me who would break up with him.......
I would never let him go. Woo-bin says that when he gets angry on the set, he holds it in until he gets home and then he will shout and get out all his frustrations out at home. He says that he does not have many angry days. That is good.
Well this is all I have for Kim Woo-bin. Oh, I wish him a speedy recovery with his cancer treatment. I wish him the best! See you next time AMS Unicorns!
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but its Kim WooBin
he smexy!
Yes he is.