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due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Jackson Wang of Got7

You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.
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~(Mark POV)~
After waking up to seeing Roselyn force feeding me her blood, we had made our way back to JYPe. Hyung-min greeted me happily with open arms before escorting me, Roselyn, and Jackson to his office. Roselyn went to fix Jackson's hair, as I growl under my breath. She moved away from Jackson, as she glared at the both of us.

I pulled Jackson behind me, before Hyung-min pulled me towards him. He looked my neck carefully, than looked over at Roselyn. "How is he still alive? Erikson bit him! Vampire bites have a venom that kills werewolves."

Roselyn held up her arm that had a pretty gash on it, that still hasn't healed. "He was dead, but then I try my blood. I don't know.. but I think there is something in my blood." JYP looked back at me and examining me. "You're both now, aren't you?"

I arched an eyebrow at him, before Hyung-min threw a bag of blood at me. I caught it perfectly, and felt my throw starting to burn. "See I knew it... Mark's a Hybrid now." They all looked at me shocked, as I just blinked. "You're eyes just changed colors completely after you caught the blood."

Jackson was the only one smiling, as I could see concern form the others. Except for Roselyn she was looking between me and her wound. "Why do you look confused? I'm the one that should be fucking confused!" I glared and cussed out Roselyn.

She jump and looked startled, whilst holding her arm to her chest. "Its just... when I got there I was too late. Erik had already killed you, in two ways. The bite and broke your neck. I pray that my blood would at least help you heal, since he was my maker."

Roselyn looked down, than at Jackson, before looking over at me. "Mark, I am so sorry... I didn't intend to make you a hybrid, just want to save you anyway I could. I know how much you mean to Jackson." She explain herself and apologized to me, put it wasn't good enough to me. I started growling before going for her. JB held me back with Hyung-min, as I try to crawl at her.


I calm down only after Jackson had slugged me on the jaw. "Yah! She just saved your life! As for staying away, this was my fault! She would of never woke up if I didn't provide the blood that woke up. As for staying away, she did! It was my fault again, because we visited her cafe."

Jackson defended her against me, as I felt the rage I had wash away. I just held my face, before walking out of the room. I found a private lounge room to think everything over. I then called my mother, since she was always good at giving me advice."Mark! Oh my god! Are you okay?! We were informed someone kidnap you just an hour ago."

My mother had picked up the phone after the first ring. She sounded scared yet happy I had called. "I'm safe and find now... there a problem... um ... mom..." I didn't know how to tell her the change I was going through. I was one of the sons of the Lead Alpha for all of California.

Change wasn't something that was welcome much. Especially those that were Hybrids. "What's the matter markie poo? What happen?" I sighed heavily as my vision blurred.

Telling her this was one of the hardest thing I could ever do. She would rather I tell her I was gay before I told her I was a hybrid. "Technically I was killed... by a Vampire elder... but someone he turn managed to save my life... at a cost.... Mom..." The phone call ended, startling me. I looked at my phone and saw that she had hung up on me.

'Text from Mama: 'Don't say it out loud.... Try your best to hid it as long as you can... If your father finds out, you will be shunned and shamed... I don't want to be forced to give up my baby.'

My mother realized what I was trying to tell her, and choose to hang up, then text me. I growled as threw my phone onto the couch across from me. My life was ruin, and it was all Roselyn's fault. What makes it worse, Jackson is blaming himself for all of them. I roar my anger out loud as punched the wall.

Jinyoung came running into the room with Youngjae, as they looked concern. "Mark!" Youngjae came over to me, as I lean against the wall I just punched. "Whoa... they weren't kidding... So you really are a hybrid now?" Jinyoung spoke, as he looked at me bewildered.

"Its all that bitch's fault, I was better off dead. Now my family won't even talk to me... Once all the other in the pack find out. I'll be disowned, and never allow to see my family again."

I growl again under my breath, as I sighed. "Well that there lost... You have us as your pack now anyway. As for you being a hybrid, I kind of find it hot." We all looked up at the door way to see Twice's member Nayeon. She was a shape-shifter, whom most wolves in JYP were highly attracted towards.

"She has a point, and damn Naeyeon. Didn't know you had a things for hybrids." Day6 member Sungjin join her in the doorway, and was pouting at her. He was one of the wolves hypnotized by Naeyeon. "I'm attracted to power... I don't care what you are, if you are stronger than me, you're hot as hell in my eyes."

I blinked as I looked down at my hands. My aunt told me once that the leaders of wolf packs were afraid of Hybrid because they were strongest of two breeds. A set of warm and soft hands took hold of mine. I looked up to see it was Fei of Miss-A holding my hands. She was like our queen wolf here, since Wonder Girls secretly disbanded to start families.

"You are in my pack now. They can disown you all they want, but you will still have a home here. Being a hybrid isn't the end of the world. It just means you now have the power to create peace between two breeds."

She petted my head, as my vision blurred again. I threw myself into her arms, as she rubbed my back lightly. "Since we have two members in our packs that have changed, we should hold a welcoming party to them." Everything around me agreed, as I pulled away. "Jackson's mad at me for hating Roselyn." I wiped the tears away while looking at Fei.

"No surprise there, she's his maker... It will take a lot of major wrongs to make a fledgling turn on their maker. I won't be surprised if you start defending Erik too..." Jia from Miss-A came to join us, and chimed in. She was a vampire herself, so she would understand their world better than I ever could currently.

"Why would I want to defend that psycho? He killed me." Jia raised an eyebrow as she made way towards me. "His blood is the reason you're a hybrid.... am I wrong?" I looked down at the floor to think about Erik was the one to make me drink his blood only after biting me, than killing me.

I was originally a werewolf so no surprised that my death was painful. It wasn't until something sweet touched my tongue, and cooled off the burning. I could even actually feel my neck healing itself. "His blood was making my death painful and slow until Roselyn's enter my body and started healing me." I looked up at Jia, as she grinned.

"If that so... Its Roselyn's blood that saved you. Yes it also turn you into a hybrid, but it saved you. Making you Roselyn's fledgling too. I think you need to have a talk with her... without Jackson. He's still a new born, and will be extremely overprotective of her."

I looked down and sighed heavily, Jia was right, I do need to talk to Roselyn. I wanted to understand what made her turn against Erik, other than being a psychopath.

Hopefully it would help me see things better

As well be able to get my best friend Jackson back.

to be continue

= ^-^ = Hope you enjoy the chapter ..... See you next tuesday for next Chapter
*She will have 3 names... Chinese - Mei Raun| English - Roselyn Hope | Korean - Gu Ki Raun
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