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More info on potential JYP boy group!

This group (3RACHA) was made up of 3 current JYP trainees J One (Jisung), CB97 (Chris), SpearB (Changbin).

They have a youtube channel where they upload their mixtapes.

(here's the channel!)

Here's some live footage:

Here's some pics of the members:

1. Chris

2. Jisung

3. Changbin

Once again, the boy group debut in 2018 is NOT CONFIRMED. The only thing confirmed is that these three boys are for sure JYP trainees and that they're talented :)

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I LOVE them!! I already have a bias lol! Han Jisung is so talented! He's also very handsome馃槏
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I already have a bias tbh馃槀
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How am I supposed to talk to you outside this comment section though?馃槀馃槀
5 months ago
I'm way too loyal to BTS馃槶馃槶馃槶
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ahhh!!!馃槹馃槹馃槹馃槹馃槰馃槰馃槰 omg yas
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Cool! Cant wait till they become a Kpop group!
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