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Someone Made An 8-Bit Version of Miyazaki and I'm Obsessed

I don't know how this ended up on my Facebook feed last night, but I am so glad it did.

They cover the entire movie of Spirited Away in less than 5 minutes and I AM IN LOVE.

This guy does a ton of other movies too like Titanic Lala Land, and Princess Mononoke!!!

Here's a link to the playlist of all the movies!

Cool! 鉂も潳
i love the music :)
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Arts and crafts ideas for senior citizens
Are you aware about the factors that affect healthier aging?Healthy aging is the process which allows elderly to take an active part in community with no bias and enjoy high quality of life. There are certain ways by which we can keep up our health and function as we age. This can include maintaining our diet, doing regular exercise, getting health checkup and control of different threat for disease. We cannot avoid aging. However, the problems related to aging should be addressed which can be more than physical and health changes. We can face even more major issues in our lives. Apart from normal aging and health problems, older adults, nowadays, face problems like falls, loneliness, abuse, care for long-term and depression which can endanger healthy aging. How to maintain good health while aging: There are different ways to maintain good health while aging. These include: 路 Encourage better brain health and function 路 Encourage better physical health 路 Examine common aging health issues. 路 Find out ways to improve chronic conditions 路 Get recommended for improved health outcomes for older adults 路 Approach medical, legal and financial improvement care planning Addressing common neglected health problems for seniors: Addressingcommon senior health issues that are neglected which normally obstruct healthy aging is sometimes known as geriatric syndromes. It can be normally seen in older people who are more than 60 years. They influence greatly on health and life quality. They also affect the ability of elderly to socialize, remain active and take care of themselves. Unfortunately, these problems are ignored and we don鈥檛 take effective actions, but seniors normally suffer from these issues for years. People may think that nothing can be done as these problems are part of aging. But, that is not true. When there is a correct examination, these issues may assist elders feel better and even live longer. Falls Fallsare common in the elderly. Some of it causes little injury. At the same time, they are frightening as it can restrict the activities of the older people. It normally creates fear among elders and as a result they involve less activities. Major falls can lead to wounds like head injuries and broken hips. Main reason for this can be insufficient strength, health problems, side effects of certain medicinesand low balance. These can be addressed with right physical activities. Memory distress Memory distress can lead to worry and concerns for elderly. There may be reduction in thinking abilities. Evaluation assists in determining whether an elderly is cognitively impaired, and to what level. This examination can detect causes which can be treated that are usual in elderly. Seniors may not get it examined thinking that it may be Alzheimer鈥檚 disease or dementia. Depression Normally, older people who are healthy may have lesser number of depressions. This may still be one of the common neglected problems. Depression can be common in those who are either isolated socially or those who have any kind of disease. If you notice that you do not enjoy activities which used to give you excitement, then it is essential to get yourself treated and cure depression. Pain According to a research, almost 50% of older people who are above 65 years suffer from any kind of physical pain. It can be caused due to less social and physical activities, not taking good care of your body and being in isolation, loneliness and depression. Few pains may be symptoms of new health or chronic problem which should be treated well. It can be decreased by few types of psychotherapy or exercises. Apart from these common neglected problems in healthy elderly, there are other problems such as: getting side-effects from multiple medicines, difficulties in controlling bladder, bad vision or hearing and so on. Conclusion We should always keep in our mind that healthier aging does not only mean that elders do not have any health issues. Rather,it also means to evaluate and address them on time before they get worse or impact the rest of their health. It can be done by promoting the activities which foster brain health Get more updates at Seniors Today.
The condom tester's story movie making in Bollywood
Bollywood is now making movies about things that could not be talked about once. The condom tester's story movie has been added to that list. It was learned a long time ago that South Indian actress Rakul Preet Singh is playing the role of a condom tester. The name of the picture is 'Chhatriwali'. The shooting of 'Chhatriwali' has recently started in Lucknow, India. Produced by Ronnie Screwwaller and directed by Tejas Deoskar. The first look of the photo was released on Saturday. The actress posted the picture on Instagram. The caption reads, "It can rain anytime except season, keep your umbrella ready." In a recent interview with Indian media, Rakul said, "I am thrilled and excited at the same time. In my opinion, there is a need to talk openly about some issues. I am not giving knowledge, I say, it is better to discuss in a light mood. That's why I like this character so much. The job of a condom examiner is the same as that of a paid employee. Large condom manufacturers hire adult staff to test their products. After production they are given for those tests. Depending on their experience and decision, the quality of these products is changed, then they are released in the market. Commenting on the film, director Tejas Deoskar said, "Our film is a socio-family entertainment film aimed at removing the stigma of condom use and we are really excited that the film has reached the shooting floor. Rakul appears with freshness in each of his characters and viewers will surely enjoy the roller-coaster ride of comedy if they sit down to see a picture of such a sensitive, thought-provoking subject. Recently, the content of Bollywood movies has changed drastically. The pictures of 'Pad Man', 'Toilet is a love story' and 'Sui Dhaga' are proof of that. The films are playing a role in raising awareness through entertainment as well as breaking social reforms. This time 'Chhatriwali' has been added to that list.
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