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Hey Community,
I was hoping I could get some help in finding good underrated Anime, like the two I have posted here in the pictures. Yes I know they're underrated and bad, but I still like them and I enjoy watching them from time to time. Sometimes they surprise me and are way better than the rating given. I will only accept recommendations that are of anime within 1.5 stars, to just under 4 stars. Anything below I'd consider unwatchable and anything above I've probably already seen or I am currently watching. Thanks.

I honestly don't trust alot of ratings online mainly because I watch most of the anime and look at their ratings and feel that it was criminally underrated (p.s the two above I also watched Deadman wonderland was amazing and I had to finish it by reading the manga since season 2 has still yet to be released and the other anime was really good as well ) so is it ok if I rapid fire some anime recommendations your way? cause idk what you've seen
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Hyouka is awesome. I want to see the live action version they are making.
But I think we can all agree Cory in the house is the best anime of all time馃槀馃槀馃槀
Natsume's Book of friends, shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu shinnosuke, made in abyss, Mushishi to name a few
I think Prince of stride it's pretty underrated when actually it's one of the best I've ever watched
It seems your list of under rated anime has transformed into a list of awesome highly recommended anime. Because most of the recommendations you are getting are rated highly. But if you watch all of them you won't want for any recommendations for a while. There are like 6 of them listed that I haven't seen and will look into them myself.
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