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Well, WAKE UP.

LaBoum just came back and I need to remind you how upbeat and fun they are. You need them in your life, especially in the summer!

Their songs make me so happy! I hope they do well this comeback :)

1. Pit a Pat

This chorus is everything.

2. Hwi Hwi

Everything about this song is so happy and you can't help but dance!

3. Only U

Their latest song has such a fun retro beat - there are SAXOPHONES. I love it!

4. Shooting Love

omg thank you to @szewwy for reminding to add this in. Quite possibly their best song!

Give them some love!

I highly recommend shooting love, it is sooooo good I can't believe it didn't win on music shows.
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@szewwy updated^^~
6 months ago
I have to get into these groups!! 😆😆
6 months ago·Reply
srsly they're so fun! @SeraphinaKale
6 months ago
I love LABOUM!!!!😍❤️
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yaaas 💙💙💙
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