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So it's been a while
Nothing interesting has happened until Sunday!!!! Yes, I was lucky enough to go to my first MX concert! I was lucky to be in P1, so I had all the benefits and it was amazing!!!
The best experience I had and got to see them face to face. I was awestruck by how tall they are and how close they were. Like pictures do none of them justice!!!! They are that handsome in real life.
Obviously, my eyes were on three cuties, ChanHyungWonho!!! My three biases of the group, the rest are bias wreckers!
They all did amazing fan service, we all know Wonho was enjoying every bit of it. I don't want to say everything here but, overall my concert appearance was worth the 14 hour wait!!!

Hi touch was fast like everyone has mentioned but it felt like forever because they were there!!!! In front of me, smiling at me and we were touching hands!!!! Everyone has soft hands, really soft. I made sure to look everyone in the eyes and hold their hands. Hi Hand grab!!! Wonho and Changkyun were the only ones who held my hand back (wow their hands are huge as well!!).
Also, I told Changkyun what I've been waiting to tell him, which is to be my boyfriend (since we are the same age, I know he doesn't know hehe). And the best thing is that he said yes and smiled (I know...still it was a great feeling even though it won't happen).
The photo op was great and I was able to stand in front of them and not have a line of girls between. I was standing in front of Wonho, Minhyuk (standing right behind me) and Shownu. I don't know how but I talked to them (talking to guys is never easy for me, especially if I like them). And they were so sweet, answering as best as they could (stupid I asked them how they were I know they are tired but I couldn't think of anything). Sweet when Shownu looked at Minhyuk and Minhyuk looked at Wonho, who then understood and asked me how I was feeling!!! (My heart melted). Tired just like them and it was a great time, I just hope I come out looking okay.

So anyways, this was just a little bit of how it went and now for the first part I will post th e many pictures I took. Some are bad but, I couldn't bear to erase them!!!
That's a lot!!
Well, if anyone went let's share our experiences hehe!! The boys were amazing and I hope that they know now how much they are loved and that winning doesn't matter as long we all stick to each other. Monsta X x Monbebe!!!!

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It was amazing, I didn't think they would be so close. I died half the time because Wonho kept staring at me and smirking like the little shit that he is😂 He just knows how he makes Monbebe feel!!!
lol😂 yup that's Wonho for you
omg you were so close. I would've died if I was that close to them when I went to the concert in Dallas.
@BAPSBABY okay 😊