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"I can be your hero. I can be your man." I wake up, turning over to grab my phone from the nightstand and turning off my alarm.  "Took you long enough." Nina groans, as she sits up in her bed. I toss a pillow at her, and she throws it back. "Do I have to go to school today?"   "Yes. Look today is Friday, it's a weekend after today. YOu also only have two more weeks after that and you graduate. Then two more after that and we'll be gone from here."  I say. She huffs and lays back down throwing the covers over her face. I get up and walk over to her bed, pulling the covers off her face. "Come on. You graduate this year, we leave this year. All of us. We will never have to step foot in this house again."  "You're right." She sits up, and I pull her into a hug. "We're meeting up with the others after school right?"   "Yes, but we have to hurry right now. Especially if you want breakfast before you go to school." I let go, and head downstairs quietly. I grab two bowls from the cabinet and a box of cereal, setting them on the table.     "Amethyst, I can't find a clean shirt." Nina says loudly, as she comes running down the stairs. "Nina. Quiet down." I say sternly. "Check the dryer. I did some wash yesterday. Do it quietly though." She rushes over to the dryer searching through the clothes, before settling on a Monsta X shirt. "How does making a stop by work sound for breakfast?" "Is there something wrong?" She asks. I close the fridge door and turn around to face her, "Just go finish getting ready." I put the bowls and cereal back in the cabinet, and lean against the sink for a moment. I didn't have the heart to tell Nina that our mom had forgotten to go grocery shopping, again. I sigh and push myself away from the sink, I needed o hurry and get ready.   I sift through the pile of clothes in the dryer, looking for my work uniform. While Nina was at school, I worked a couple shifts through out the week at a small cafe down the street. I head upstairs to change and brush my hair and teeth. "Nina, are you ready? We have to go." "I'll be out in the car." Nina says, running past me as I walk into the room. I sigh, throwing our dirty clothes into the hamper and straightening up our beds. I grab my phone and purse before heading out to the car. "What are we listening to this morning?" I ask, as I hand her my phone.   Nina doesn't say a word as one of our favorite kpop group fills the car. We make a stop at my work for a quick breakfast. "Have a good day." I say, as I pull up in front of her school. "You too." She leans over to give me a quick hug, before she gets out of the car. "Amethyst, can you help me in the back today?" Anita, my boss asks me as soon as I walk in for my shift.  "Yea. No problem." I reply, as I follow her into the back. I had forgotten that Friday mornings we went through stock, so we could  put in our order for the week. We start with the walk in fridge and freezer, moving stuff, checking dates and crossing things off the list.    "Are you guys really leaving?" Anita asks, as we finish with the freezer. I nod, not much else for me to say on the matter. "That's a whole another country though? Different culture and different language."   "That's the point Anita." I say, "They won't follow us to another country. None of them will. We've been learning the language and all of us are pretty fluent in it at this point. We've been saving and preparing for over a year. Nothing is changing our minds." Anita says nothing more as we finish the inventory and order list. The rest of my shift goes by fairly quick, and sooner than I expected I am picking Nina up from school.  "How was your day?" I ask, as she climbs into the car. She says nothing, as she chooses a song on my phone and Monsta X begins to play from the speakers. I sigh as I pull away and head towards Saphir and Nico's place. Our other two siblings had moved out with some friends, once they both had turned 18.   Our older brother Nico had technically been kicked out three years ago by our stepfather, Ronald. The memory just as vivid as if it had happened last night. Ronald had found out that Nico had joined a local gang, and when we all got home that night, the first thing he did was start yelling and screaming at all of us at first.     Nico instantly started yelling back, and before any of us girls could react Ronald had grabbed Nico and pinned him against the wall. I made Saphir and Nina go upstairs immediately, as I didn't want them getting caught in the crossfire. Nico punched Ronald, making Ronald reel back and let go of Nico for just a moment.   "Please stop." I cried, stepping in front of Nico, and facing Ronald. "Please." Ronald pushed me to the side, knocking me to the floor. Nico tried to punch Ronald again, but Ronald grabbed him and threw him against before saying "Get out of this house and don't ever come back." As Nico left, Ronald turned on me still on the floor crying my eyes out.  "And you, if you ever try to stop again you'll be out next." I only nodded before going upstairs to the room I shared with my sisters.    "Amethyst are you okay?" Saphir's voice cuts through my memories, pulling me back into reality. The others were all staring at me, like I had grown a third eye or something.  "Yea. I'm fine." I reply, "Just thinking is all. How has work been for you?"   "It's been fine. I've been saving too." She says, "The others have too. Haruka and Brittany work as much as possible, but you know how that goes." I nod, knowing exactly what she meant. Haruka and Brittany were friends, but they also were in the same gang as Nico. Haruka had a boyfriend named Jayk who was also in the gang. Jayk also happened to be the older brother of our other two friends Jasmyn and Lynn. Nico and Lynn were also dating each other.   "When are the others going to get here?" Nina asks. We had already been at the house for an hour with no sign of Nico or our friends. I knew Nina was just getting bored, and that she wanted to see Nico. It had become a tradition for us, after Nico got kicked out to stay over during the weekends. It got us away from Ronald and our mother, and both of them were happy to have us gone for a few days.    Nico and the others walk into the house before either Saphir or I could reply. Nico and Jayk carrying in pizzas and 2 liters. I stood, to help clear off the table and counters so we could all sit down and eat. "Nico!" Nina says excitedly, throwing her arms around him as he sets down the pizzas. I grab plates and cups from the counter, setting them down on the table and taking a seat.   "Hey there demon child." He laughs as he hugs her back. She smiles at the nickname, pulling him into the seat next her. "How has school been?"   "It's been fine." She replies, as she grabs a piece of pizza. "A bit boring, but fine. Two more weeks left."   "Four weeks until we are out of here for good." Haruka says as she sits down next to me. "It's exciting to know we'll get a fresh start."   "It'll be good to not have to worry about you all too." Lynn says, "Everyone has been studying and reading up right? It's a different culture and a different country."   "You should hear Brittany. She can speak the language pretty well." Jasmyn replies.  "I'm just happy, that you all will be happy." Jayk says kissing Haruka as he sits down between her and Jasmyn. "Does your mom and Ronald know what you guys are doing yet?"   "No." I shake my head, "They can't do anything about it anyways. Nina will be 18 when we leave, they can't stop her or us. It's not like they'll want to anyways."   "I would like to see them try to stop our demon child." Brittany says, with a laugh. We all start laughing and cracking jokes. Tonight was made to forget our worries and just have some fun, made for spending time together. Once we finished eating Nico and I washed the dishes, while the others try to decide on a movie for us to watch.   "Is everything alright at home?" Nico asks, as he dried the dishes. "Ronald hasn't hit you or anything has he? How's Mom?"   "Everything is fine at home Nico." I reply, "We see Ronald for maybe an hour or two at most each day. He doesn't really get the chance to say or do anything. We make sure not to give him a reason to. Mom is mom. Nothing has changed there."   "I'm sorry. You two are stuck there for another four weeks. I shouldn't have left that night."   "You didn't have a choice Nico. Someone would have gotten hurt if you didn't. Plus it allowed Saphir to get out of that house last year. There are many things that have happened over the last four years. All of us have struggled with it, but we got some amazing friends out of it. Friends, who have become our family."   "I just worry about you guys." He says, pulling me into a hug. "Especially you. You have given up a lot to make sure Nina and Saphir were not left alone in that house. You are also the reason we will be able to leave this all behind. I just want to see all of you happy. You deserve that."    "We all are the reason we can leave this place. We all have been working and saving towards it." I say, hugging him back. "Come on the dishes are finished, and if they should have a movie picked by now."     "About time you two finished the dishes." Nina says. "We were all starting to waste away with boredom." Nico and I laugh, as I sit down between her and Saphir. Nico pulls Lynn into his lap, after she turns off the lights and starts the movie. Haruka and Jayk cuddled together in the other chair, while Jasmyn and Brittany sat on the other side of Saphir. I smiled, all of us had our issues, our own darkness we had to deal with. We had each other in that darkness though and we had formed a family of our own. Nothing could or would change that, at least that is what I had thought.  ********************************************** Sorry it took so long for chapter 1. I was having some trouble getting back into the groove of writing. If you want to be added to the taglist let me know. I hope you enjoy thanks for reading.

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....Why am I always bored and impatient?? Cx Is that how I really act in the group chat???? cX I'm so excited for what's going to happen >< You better write the next chapter soon, or else~😉😉
Everyone is bored and impatient in the chat at times. xD Not just you. You are the youngest in the story though so 😜