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112113 SiWon twitter & weibo update:
Know the causes of pain, then you will not find it too painful to analyze the meaning of suffering, then you will not escape suffering, pain and suffering ... look back at the words are precious gift ...: ^) credit 2 https://www.facebook.com/pages/슈퍼주니어-SM-Super-Junior/325924440780852 its my favorite update of my oppa oppa just posted dis i love himm soooo much more now <3 oppas are awesome @divalycious unnie u knw naa its 4 uuu eventhgh my first bias is oppa euhyuk lol but i love siwon oppa a lot 2 oppa uses some wise words soooo handsome sooo sexyy and my wise oppa i am proud 2 be ur fan :) unniee u she check oppa updates like dr page on fb such wise words soooo meaningful soooo pure i love himm oppa saranghhae :) <3 oppa hwaiting <3
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