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I'm thinking of teaching English in Asia, I'm not sure what the requirements are but I will find out. I'm gonna save money first because I plan to visit Korea next year with a group of girls that love kpop. We even have our own groupchat called S.Koreabound. LOL Thank you viewers for reading this!!!
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"Can I help you?" I said, my heart racing a bit because of his presence and appearing out-of-nowhere. "I'm sorry if I startled you, I just wanted to give you a boost of caffeine with a cup of coffee, so that you can continue working on whatever it is you've been working on for the past 3 hours." He says teasingly, he smiles crookedly and a hidden dimple pops out on his right cheek. I find men attractive when they have dimples. I smile, but this time it's more genuine.
"Thank you for the cup of coffee, which I don't drink, and for your thoughtfulness that's borderline creepy for knowing I've been here for more than an hour." I smile sweetly, sounding sassy. His eyebrows raises and there's a gleam in his eyes and his crooked smile is replaced with a full smile, dimples more prominent and teeth white and straight. "Well, when there's a pretty girl sitting in front of me, it's hard not to notice, especially if she's been here for more than an hour. Plus, your expressions had me interested." He chuckles and I blush. "What expressions?" I feel even more embarrassed, ever since he mentioned pretty girl.
"That's a secret," He winks at me and smiles before saying, "My name is Ricky Kim and you are?"
"I'm Jinny." I smile. I would've said, I'm taken; but I don't want to seem full of myself and I'm not sure if he actually cares. I don't want to embarrass myself if he actually says that he isn't there to get my number or interested in me in that way. In the past, I've been embarrassed because I would say that. Now that I've matured, I hope I would not let past mistakes repeat.
"So, if you don't mind me asking what made you have so many interesting facial expressions?" he says with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.
It seems as though he wants to tease me even more, I thought; I'll play along.
"As a matter a fact, I do mind. A perfect stranger asking me what I'm working on and commenting on how my interesting facial expressions has peaked his interest makes be hesitant to answer such a question." I say sounding a bit indifferent.
"Ouch, that really hurts," he says while clutching his hand on his chest, "A perfect stranger, huh? And here, I thought I introduced myself well enough to be just a stranger." He smiles again and his eyes crinkle a bit to show he finds this funny.
"I'll give you a better introduction, I'm Ricky Kim, as you already know; I am a model/actor/former English teacher/etc. I'm here with a group of friends and I've been fascinated with your face for awhile." I blush and open my mouth to say something but I'm so flabbergasted, I closed my mouth shut not wanting to look like a gaping fish and I look away. I clear my throat, trying to regain some composure.
I look back at him and realized that he's relaxed his stance. Enough to put his elbow on the table, I'm sitting at the high countertop table that Starbucks offers, and he's leaning a bit closer to me. I lean back a bit, trying to put some distance in between us. I open my mouth to tell him he's in my bubble, when he turns to look on my computer screen. My resume on display, so what if I exaggerated somethings, everyone else does it. Realization dawns on me that my address and phone number is on there. I quickly shut my laptop and his face whips around to look at me.
"Rude much?" I say a bit miffed. He has the decency to look a bit remorseful, but then quickly replaced with jubilation. "Are you looking for a job? Cause if you are, I can hook you up with one, if you want. You know, as an apology for being intrusive and all." He says sadly, giving me puppy dog eyes. Which he does very well, everything in me is wanting to say yes, but my practical mind shows up.
"What kind of job?" I look at him suspiciously. He goes on to explain that the reason him and his friends are here is to discuss about a photoshoot they have scheduled tonight, but one of his friends is in the hospital. They need someone to replace her spot and they are all calling friends trying to fill up the spot. That's the reason he came up to me, to see if I was interested.
"That's nice of you to ask, but I don't fit the requirements to be a model. Sorry." Already turning towards my laptop to start with the job hunting. He puts his hand on the laptop to prevent me from opening it and I face him again with a WTF-look.
"Actually I think you would be perfect for the role. If my friends saw you, they would agree." He turns around and calls out someone named Daniel. "What role is it exactly?" I say curiousity apparent in my voice. He turns to me and smirks. Daniel swaggers up to us, confidence oozing, causing my heart rate to elevate to a possible cardiac arrest. I took some deep breaths and just kept my focus on Ricky.
"What you think of her, Dani? I think she can pull it off, she's like an unpolished gem." He says to Daniel, while talking, he's sizing me up and down. I look down at my wardrobe, I'm wearing a green safari jacket, white tee, and skinny jeans.

I didn't put a lot of effort into my outfit because I planned on sitting at my table filling out applications, not trying out for a fashion shoot.
"I think she's perfect," says Daniel smiling at me, "by the way, since my friend here doesn't have any manners. Let me introduce myself, my name is Daniel Henney and I'm friends with this guy. He may not seem like a cool guy but he's a good guy." I nodded.
"So will you consider our offer? We are kind of in a bind." Daniel says, his eyes softening. I feel like my guard is crumbling. I look at Ricky, "What's the role I need to do?" I said.
Ricky smiles so big with his eyes almost disappearing, "So, you'll do it?" he says. "Answer my question and I just might." I said. "You just need to wear some dresses and model it, we will be your partner in the photoshoot. That's pretty much it." Ricky says, his mega-watt smile dimming a bit. "Just to wear some dresses, that's it?" I said, not noticing the smile of Ricky to be an indicator that he might be withholding something. He nods and looks at Daniel. Daniel was already gone and sitting with their friends, while me and Ricky were talking.
"Are you sure I'm ok for your photoshoot? I'm not super skinny or beautiful. Can you try to talk to the photographer and ask if he can obscure my face?" I said, thinking of Tyra Banks and Noemi Campbell and how I look nothing close to them in regards to beauty.
"Jinny, don't compare yourself to other people. When you do, you shine even less. Be confident of who you are. I thought that you were pretty, even with all your interesting facial expressions. I know you can pull this off and maybe, just maybe, this can be the start of your career." Ricky says reassuringly. I nod, happy to hear him say that.
"Ok, so what should I do now?"
"Give me your number and I'll text you the address. You need to show up at 5pm so they can do your hair and make-up and then the shoot starts around 7pm. The earlier you are, the better you will be fitted and appreciated." Ricky says, handing me his phone to add my number. I saved my self as "Interesting Expressions". He looks at his phone and takes a second to realize what it means and laughs out loud.
"I think this will be great, after all. See you later, Jinny!" He turns away, waving and sticks his hands in his pockets strolling to his friends. I look at my laptop, open it up and refresh my email to see if I had any responses. Nada. I look at the time and it's 3:38pm. It's best to call it a day and go home and do laundry before I leave to the photoshoot.
I pack up my things and head to the exit, I hear my name as my hand touches the handle. I turn my head and see Daniel and Ricky waving good-bye; next to Daniel, I see this gorgeous Caramel-Macchiato skin hugging to a slender frame, beautiful honey eyes and full lips. Thinking to myself that if I wasn't straight, I would definitely consider my sexual orientation. The only thing that wasn't attractive was her stink-eye. I shrugged not letting that bug me, thinking she smelled something funky, and walked through the exit. Making a list in my head of what I need to do and what to wear to the photoshoot.
This is not what I signed up for. Thinking of the position I'm in, making it a bit uncomfortable to breathe, much less stay in that position for long. Let me tell you that I came in with a Romper and sweater wrapped around my waist wearing thigh-high socks and boots, now I'm in a poofy dress that costs more than all of my assets combined, but grateful that I came in early to get everything done. Hair stylist and make-up artist, exclaiming of my punctuality and my great bone structure and how they can make me look like a whole new person. I was skeptical that could happen until I looked in the mirror.
A stunning woman was staring at me with light chocolate smoky eyes and a flawless skin with shiny hair. They told me that was me in the mirror and that with each dress they might retouch my make-up and change the hairstyle. I just nodded, star-struck with my image. I can't believe this. I take my phone out and take a quick snap and post it on my social media account. I send it to Kris and ask if he likes it. He won't be able to answer me until later because it's around 6am over there.
Once my body was dressed-up and looked like a barbie doll, I was presented to the photographer. He scrutinizes me closely, walking in a circle around me, my face showing my nerves. I hear some noises of disapproval and I look over to where Ricky was and I burst out laughing. My laugh caught the attention of everyone, including the photographer, and I quickly tried to stifle my laugh into a smile. I heard a quick snap and a flash accompany it and saw the photographer looking at his camera. I looked at Ricky and saw that his face was serious. Just a moment ago, he made the funniest face that it caused me to laugh and let go of my nervousness. I give him a grateful smile and he nods, smiling accepting my thanks.
"I don't think we need to hide your face as long as you smile like this, we should do great." He shows me the picture and I gasped. My face showing so beautifully with the help of make-up, I really did look good.
Once everyone was done with my hair and make-up, we started to get down to business. Right before our picture was taken, Ricky would make me laugh; either with a joke or a funny look that made me feel at ease with him. I didn't realize how much fun it is, but the positions are a bit ridiculous. I'm Ricky's partner and by partner, I mean his wedding partner. I feel like such a princess with the dresses and the backgrounds and decorations. I'm daydreaming that I'm in Kris's arms and that Ricky is Kris, which makes the photos look more real and natural. If I think of Ricky, I have such a hard time pretending to be his wife.
These pictures would be great if Kris was in them, he would pull this off easily. Just thinking about him, looking like he would devour me, makes me blush. I hear the photographer say to keep my face like that; which caused me to blush more because of my indecent thoughts of Kris.
Each shoot, I had to change clothes and hairstyles.
It was fun but exhausting.

Next shoot, I have to work with Daniel. I go to the fitting room and change and the stylist fixes my hair and re-touch my makeup. This theme is less romantic wedding and more sexy affair type. With Daniel, my heart raced and was hard to be serious. Something about his confidence charmed me.
Our chemistry on the set was very good, it make me feel relaxed but also heart-pounding. It was like a best-friend-crush-feeling. The only thing that caused me to be anxious was the girl sending me daggers from her eyes. I still don't know her name or why she's like that with me, but if my experience with Jessica taught me anything was that she's probably interested in Daniel and considers me a threat, I'll have to confirm it after the shoot.
Daniel would say things so casually but cause my heart to trip up, causing some NG's. Things like, "You're prettier than I remember, maybe I should keep an eye on you" or "If only this wasn't a photoshoot", how can someone say that and expect that person to still be calm and professional. After this photoshoot, I better be rewarded for withstanding the assault on my heart from Daniel.
I hope this will be enough because I'll be partying all week because of my graduation.
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