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You sit on your couch and bring your knees to your chest. You rested your head on them and sighed. The persistence kept getting to your head.

'Damn, go away,' you thought, though there was no one there.

You crack your neck and knuckles to stop you from making the motions.

You slowly but surely you brought your long, sharp finger nails to your arms. You start to gently scrape your skin, turning it into a rough peeling sensation.

You pull yourself closer to yourself. Tears start forming in your eyes.

Ugh, why now? Today was supposed to be a good day, Hobi's coming home, you were going to go and take him out to eat, and take a walk in the park together and take annoying cute couple selfies.

You hear a soft knock on the door.

You get up from your sofa crease and walk to the door. Your baggy sweatpants almost drop as you open the door. There technically not yours, they were Hoseok's, but you've practically claimed them as yours with the amount of times you've worn them.

You were a mess, your hair was strung all about the place, your clothes were dirty and wrinkled. You really couldn't care less.

"Baby, you look aweful," Hoseok said.

"Wow, thanks, that really helps my confidence," you said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry," he says as he walks in the door.

You go back to your sofa crease and start to sulk again.

He drops his bags off near the bedroom door and gets something out.

"I got you somethings!" he told you.

You slowly look up over your knees and see a little stuffed (your favorite animal) in one hand and a stuffed bunnie eating a carrot in the other.

A wide smile appears on your face. "Bun-bun-bun-bun-bun!"

He smiles back at you and hand the two of them to you. He sits down next you , leaving no space inbetween, and starts to gently stoke you hair.

You lay your head down on his broad shoulders. "I love you," you tell him.

"I love you, too, honey."

He rubs your back in small circles and lets you get as comfortable as you want, letting your insecurities all let out.