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Wassup guys!!!! Kim here!!!!! Happy Hump day to you all!!! So for today's card I've decided to do a D&E themed mv count down. It's only fair since they both were just released from their military services. So here are my top 5 music videos of D&E!!!! Let's get it, lego!!!!!!

Number 5: The Beat Goes On

Coming in at number 5 is The Beat Goes On. Since there isn't a actual video for the song, I did the live version. Poor Eunhyuk slips during the performance but Donghae is there to make sure he is alright.

Number 4: Motorcycle

In at numeber 4 is Motorcycle. I still jam to this!!!!!! I swear, Siwon makes an awesome lady!!!!!! BTW, I think this song is in Japanese, but I could be wrong.

Number 3: Chok Chok

In at number 3 is Chok Chok!!! I swear, I get in a good mood when I hear this song!!!! I just wanna dance with it!!!! We also get to see some of SM's artist as well!!!!

Number 2: Growing Pains

Coming in at the runner up spot is Growing Pains. This song always pull on my heart. My eyes aren't sweating, are yours???

We made it to the number 1 spot!!! Do you know what it is?????
Easy there boys!!!!!! And my number 1 D&E MV is............

Number 1: Skeleton

My top mv is Skeleton!!!!! (Now why the heck can I get it on my Spotify?????) I so love this song, but I have one question. WHO IS THE GUY IN THE SKELETON MASK AND WHO IS PLAYING THE DRUMS???!?!??!?!?!?!!??!

So there you have it, my top 5 D&E music videos. Did your song made the cut????? Catch you all in the next card!!!!!
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I could have sworn 'oppa oppa' to make the top spot but nope! I was wrong! Great choices though!
I looooove growing pains! I like Heechul's dancing in chok chok lol. I'm a little bummed oppa oppa didn't make it on here.
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@szewwy It in my top 10 though
my baby slipped
Awe, poor boo-boo bear