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You being sick.


You call Loco while he's at work.
You: "Babe *cough cough* I'm sorry I can't go to the after party tonight. I've got a cold."
Loco: "It's alright, I understand feel better baby."
However, Loco sends you an edible arrangement bouquet later on that day and instead of going to the after party he shows up with some bunny slippers and roses.
"I'll take care of you Jagi. I don't need to be at the after party."


You text Gray.
You: Seonghwa! I'm sick I can't go out to dinner tonight :'(
Gray: I'll be over in ten minutes.
You think he's ignoring your text but really he shows up, admittedly wearing a face mask because he doesn't want to get sick, with a blanket. He shows you a movie he brought to watch with you, which is Toy Story your favorite movie. He wraps you in the blanket and tells you to sit down while he goes to fix you some soup and tea.
"Just because you're sick doesn't mean we're not having dinner together jagi." he says.


You're face timing Jay
You: Babe I have colossal a headache and my throat is killing me.
Jay: Ew you're sick? How'd you do that?
You: '-_- you act like I planned this.
Jay: *Laughs* babe go take a nap okay.
You two hang up. Jay has a key to your apartment and comes in while you're asleep. He ran you a hot bath while you slept. He wakes you up to tell you to get in when it's ready. Once you're relaxing in the bath he gives you a shoulder and neck massage to relax you. When your bath is over, he gives you something cuddle, a bear, in place of him before he sends you back to your dreams.
"When you wake up you better be healthy baby girl."

Cha Cha

He calls you to tell you that him and Elo are going to this new arcade and he wanted to see if you wanted to come with but you tell him you caught a cold from work. He shows up twenty minutes after the call and tells you to get undressed. He gives you his sweater and he actually brought over a pair of his boxers for you to wear because he knows you like to lounge in the house with them on. While you're watching TV and sipping on some green tea, he takes your dog Renè out for a walk.
"I'll be back soon baby just relax for now."

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Omg.... I love them But damn you Bre!! Jay's is adorable!! cause that's usually what I need when sick..... but I love them all
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@BabydollBre Sigh.... lmfaooo oh wow coincidence I see
can I be sick