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In 2012-2013 I studied at Yonsei through a study abroad program called CIEE and I absolutely loved it!

A few days ago, I returned to campus to talk to a few high school students and decided to show you guys around~

After I left the university, they completely redid the campus so a lot had changed but its still as beautiful as always!


Are any of you planning on going to school in Korea?

I would absolutely love to! Please tell me how.
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I want to study abroad there like next fall, want to see winter and experience something different.
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What does CIEE stand for??? wow that's a beautiful park/garden. wish there was something like that close in my area. how does it feel to study abroad? I wanted to try but i'm not confident to do that by myself but I know I can adapt for a few weeks or a month or two..
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I'm definitely interested in going abroad to study at either Goryeo or Seoul National. It will be many years from now (maybe 4 or 5) but I'm very interested.
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