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Lee Min Ho changed into a charismatic swordsman on Faith. On June 13, Starhaus Entertainment, Lee’s agency, released some pictures taken on the set of SBS TV’s new drama series Faith. The scenes in the pictures were filmed for a week from June 5 in Changwon. As the set was open to the public, many people swarmed to see Lee. During the break time, he also got in a flood of flashlights. In the pictures, Lee is wielding a sward, portraying the character Choi Young. In a composite picture that two different Choi Young are staring at each other, there is a lot of tension as if Choi Young is sparring with himself. In another picture, he’s showing off a cute look with a bright smile. Choi Young that Lee’s playing in the series is a stubborn yet innocent warrior in his late 20s. In the series, Choi Young meets and confronts Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun), a plastic surgeon who comes to the Koryo Dynasty from the modern times. However, they soon fall in love with each other. People responded: “He’s so charismatic from the back,” “He’s good enough to become a warrior because he’s so tall,” “The armor fits him so perfectly,” “He’s going to cut the enemies with his sharp nose, not the sword,” “A warrior over flowers,” “I want to touch Lee Min Ho’s thick eyebrows.” Starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Ryu Duk Hwan, Park Se Young, Lee Phillip, and Shin Eun Jung, Faith will start airing in August after Ghost. Source: Starnews
keren habis....
he's so adorable in whatever ways just like an angel that lightens in every pathways..:)
soooooooo excited to watch this show! :)
August oh august....
really, august can't come quickly enough!
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