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Mom have you seen my black sweater anywhere?, I can't seem to find it. Loud enough for her to hear me while scattering through shoe boxes, sweaters, dirty shirts, and pants inside my not so organized closet.

"Y/N, are you sure you didn't wear that old thing already."Mom yelled from the kitchen. Making me rethink the possibility of maybe I did wear it and didn't realize it. Or even worse, forgotten in school.
It wouldn't be the first time I did that but no I dont recall doing so.

"For once in your life let that old thing go
Y/N" she pleaded. As if that would make me get rid of it. It's not right since I grew to love it and wore it almost daily. Not to mention it was a gift...wasn't it?

Come to think of it. I've had it for so long, even I forgot the origins of that sweater. Whether it was a gift from my parents or a close relative even a friend.

"Nope nothing, can't remember how it came to be in my possession" I said, Lost in my own thoughts. Getting up the mess below my feet. I have no time for this right now, I'll just clean that up later. I ran down the stairs so quick I almost fell on my ass.

Good at least mom didn't notice.

"It's almost 8:30 Y/N, hurry or you'll be late for school..again!" nodding in disapproval of my previous late slips. Although I've explained. No reason is good enough for my mom.

"It's my last year of highschool, let me breath a little" I said rolling my eyes.

"Y/N when I was your age...."

I took a seat on the kitchen counter. "Oh no here we go again with that". Mentally face-palming myself.

"I was focused on my future and what I wanted to accomplish in life". Waving the empty spatula towards my direction. "There was no time to, what you teenagers reffer to as chill and letting one breath"

I chocked a little. Couldn't help but to laugh at my mom's awkward use of the two words, yes cringe worthy.

I took one last bite of my toast with nutella and got up from where I previously sat. Finally giving up. I gathered the last of my things.
Wallet ✔
Earphone ✔

Quickly shoving them into my bag I ran out the door " Bye Mom see you later!!!....Don't forget I'll be meeting Jisu and Julia. Don't wait up" hoping my mom would catch all that in one shot.

"Y/N wait I need your help to get some things out from the A..."

**Door slams shut**

"Ash... there will come a day you'll need me, I just know it."

******** ⚜⏳⚜********

Nothing but the usual day to day schedule. It was all boring jibber jabber here and there. From homeroom all the way to third period. Only looking forward to my fourth period.

Why you might ask....

"Well hello Y/N how's my favorite student doing", Mr. Park asked with a smile that could solve all the world's conflicts. His unique choice of hair color amazed every female in the entire school. Those fiery red locks only he could pull off. Not to mention  his angelic vocal cords causing me to melt everytime without fail.

"Same old thing, you know ...family problems" only loud enough for him to hear.

"If anything I'm here for you Y/N... Go take a seat" I nodded and slowly walked towards my seat, which is located in the back of the class. No I'm not one of those bad students. I just tend to bother with my talking and throwing papers and such.

I sat down next to Julia and Jisu my two best friends.

"Right on time.." Julia whispered as she was interrupted by Mr. Park.

"Everyone settle down, open up your books to page 201. Read then answer only questions 1-14, understood"

Yes Mr. Park everyone answering in unison.

Everyone around me had manages to get right on task unlike me. I couldn't seem to focus. My eyes would wander elsewhere. Drawn to that handsome man sitting on his desk checking some paperwork.

For a second our eyes met. Making me feel like we were the only two in this classroom. With a devilish smirk, he slowly bit his lips. I felt triggered the blood rush to my cheeks without warning. Immediately breaking eye contact.

"Focus Y/N, it's all in your head. He probably had a piece of food  on his lip" lying to yourself in order to forget what happened a minute moments ago.

"10 minutes left everyone, hand in your work before the end of class" said Mr. Park setting a timer on his table.

Shit, I'm no where near done. I can't get this done in 5 minutes! Giving up hoping for a miracle.

"Jisu....Julie did you guys finish" I muttered interrupting them from throwing small balls of paper at each other. To my surprise actually making them stop.

"Only up to number 9 Y/N"

"That's wayyy more than I got done, I stopped at 6" Julie said facing us with a sad puppy face.

"Awww, I know that face. That won't work on me Julie. Not anymore" Jisu closing her book and getting up to leave.

The bell rang. Everyone handed in their work. Okay almost everyone.

I couldn't afford a bad grade. This being my favorite class. Not to mention my mother . Ugh...I have to convince him somehow to let me finish the work.

Nervously getting up from my chair I was the last one there. Not a single soul in sigh. The incident from earlier replaying in my mind.

Im not all done with the work Mr. Park.

I-I was wondering if I can get a chance to finish it. Is it okay if I take it home??? Looking at the papers in my hand. Avoiding eye contact.


"What!....but why!...why not... please Mr. PARK"

Let me finish Y/N, you can't take it home. It wouldn't be fair to the rest of my students.


"Yeah. But what" sounding more rude than intended.

Leaning close to my ear. I could feel his mint fresh breath on my cheek, automatically making me shiver. Holding my breath for what seem like hours until a sound left his lips.

"But for you, I'll do anything"