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Hello and welcome to Wonho day!

This week let's talk about what got you into Monsta X.
~What was your first Monsta X MV?
~Your first impression?
~Who was your first potential bias upon first glance?
~Who's your current bias and bias wrecker?
~What's your current favorite MV and non-title track by them?

Please leave how you got into them below in the comments I'd love to know!!!!

My first Monsta X MV was their debut music video for Trespass, however I first saw them on No.Mercy.
So technically the first I saw of them was the show!
(This would've been their first MV I saw before they became Monsta X)

My first impression was "Man these guys are talented." I also felt super bad for I.M when he first came onto No.Mercy because everyone was super salty towards him!

When I watched No.Mercy Wonho, Hyungwon, and I.M stuck out to me the most. By the time Trespass came out I biased Hyungwon. But then by the time Rush came out I already biased Wonho instead. Still to this day I'm constantly reminded of why I originally liked all three of them.

As you all know my current bias is Wonho. However I've recently came across a new bias wrecker...Kihyun has recently attacked me, there was just something about him in Shine Forever that had me squealing like the fangirl I am.
My favorite MV is tied between Fighter and Shine Forever!

I'm forcing myself to choose one. So out of my many favorites I've chosen Oi as my favorite Non-Title track!


Please let me know what got you into Monsta X in the comments!


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Kihyuns a cutie pie!!
My first Monsta X mv was Hero, it is special to me and it was the reason that got me interested in them. My very first impression, which I saw a picture of them, was (crazily) they weren't all that handsome at first glance. But once I saw Hero, I wondered how amazing they were and how I thought they weren't handsome. My first potential bias was between Kihyun and Minhyuk, for a long time these time looked the same to me so that is why they were tied. My current bias is Changkyun, and in the LA concert for hi touch i did sort of shouted a bit by asking him to be my boyfriend (I was nervous as hell but now it's crossed off my list). Bias wrecker, changes between Wonho and Shownu (but most of the time it's Shownu, since Wonho is another of my biases). Now my current favorite mv is Fighter, I don't know I think it's Wonho but it's such a pleasing video to listen to. Plus the song is catchy! Favorite non title track is White Girl (White Love), absolute favorite!! Nothing but Hero wins it for being my favorite.
Hero was freaking amazing!!! I remember I loved the song before they released the video for it. So when they released the MV for it I literally died!!!