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At this point shocked. Is my mind playing tricks on me?. No I heard right. To my surprise he had been staring at me not so close to me but not to Far either.

With a smile bringing out those cheeks I was always tempted to squish.

"I'll see you here Y/N"

"See me w-where ?? "

"After school silly. So you can finish your work"

Without a stutter "Thank you Mr. Park I owe you one" bringing him into a tight hug. Turning his cheeks a light shade of red.

I could hear his heart racing. Breaking contact before his next class arrived.

"Don't be late" was the last thing Mr. Park said.

"I won't be, I promise" flashing my biggest smile.



Only five minutes left. Tapping my pencil on the desk to pass the time.

Holy crud!. I forgot I was supposed to meet up with Julie and Jisu.

The bell rang. I pulled out my phone to text them on our group chat.

Go on without me, I have something important to get done.

Nooooo come on we planned this for days.

No fair, I even got you your favorite movieeee

That's tempting. But can't, so go on don't wait up

Alrighty but what's so important you'll bail on us last minute..?


Mr. Park allowed me to finish our assignment. Thanks to him my grades won't suffer.

Lucky!... Uhhh Y/N watch it, he might try to seduce you with his charms. *Wink wonk*

He is a teacher.

But he is also a man, oh my dear Y/N you got a lot to learn.

Julie you need Jisoos.. am I right Jisu.

No response. Guess she might be tired of Julie's nonsense. This wouldn't be the first Time.

I slid my phone inside my back pocket and headed to Mr. Parks class. The empty hallway gave me chills. All those horror flicks are to blame.

Stopping in my tracks. The sounds of two people arguing but not loud enough for me to hear the exchange of words. So I stood there behind the door. Hopefully not to get noticed

The talking had stopped. Peaking from the side of the door I see a female form.


Stunned to see her walking out enraged. Yet still hiding behind the door so she won't know i was eavesdropping. Is not like I heard anything but better safe than sorry.

Making sure she was out of sight I stepped out of my hiding place and into the class.

Walking in I notice Mr. Park fixing his tie.

"I'm here" shyly announcing my arrival.

"Y/N what a surprise, I thought you would bail on me" he said as he walk around where I was standing to close the door behind me.

I turned around to face him. Staring at me from head to toe with his arms crossed, then bringing his glasses closer to his face.

"I-Im here to finish the assignment sir" barely audible to the ear.

"Is that really all you're here for" taking a step closer to me . Turning his smile to a smirk.

For every step he took, I would do the same.
My heart rapid beating was the only thing you could hear.

My back hit the wall.

His left hand lighting hitting the wall , making me flinch. Moving his right towards my cheek.

I was stunned, frozen in place.
Should I say something?
Should I push him away?
Should I yell for help?

We connected eye to eye. His brown eyes captivated me.

His hand slowly moved down to my chin, I had to say something, but I couldn't, he had me hypnotized with his gentle touch

I closed my eyes. He leaned forward, our lips pressed against each other, slowly letting him in, I could taste the minty flavor In his mouth. I let him lead as he wrapped his arm around my waist, moving me closer to deepen the kiss. Trying to contain my emotions but to no avail, a moan escaped my mouth.  

He picked his head up, separating our swollen lips.

"I've been eager to do that, it's been a while Y/N"

I-I know Jimin.