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[Star cast] GOT7 JJP tomorrow, interview today

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Audition for JYP bonds which has been 17 times since 2007. There was always one person in the audition of the bond, but once in the 17th bond audition, there was once a joint first. It was Lim Jae Bum (JB) and Park Jin Young (Jin Young) who came to the stage with Deuce 's "Turn Me" at the age of 15. They debuted in the KBS drama "Dream High 2" in 2012, starting with the first JYP publicity audition in 2009, and soon released a single album under the name JJ project. Then, in 2014, they made their debut together with the seven-member group Godse Seven, and they got exactly the same filmography / disco. And now another line will be added alongside their discography. 
JJ Project Mini 1 .

A friend who has been in the longest time of his life, a brother, a colleague and sometimes an rivals. I listened to a straightforward story about the new album by JB and Jin, who returned to the JJ Project in five years.

Q When I listen to the album, there is a theme / emotion that penetrates entirely, especially in the lyrics. Everyone who listens will have different feelings, but what if they explain the theme / emotion in terms of the creator?

In  this album, we decided to write lyrics about what we usually think and feel rather than catching special themes. So, I think that our thoughts and emotions that we can feel in our twenties are dissolved.

JB When   we put our actual story, we seem to have unified the whole album naturally.

Q It seems that I tried to give a certain unity to the music genre. Can you explain?

The theme that goes through the entireJB  album is similar, but the genre of music actually varies. Compared to the music that Goddess Seven originally used, it is static, but in fact, the genres are different for each song. 

The camp  is similar in mood.

Q The above theme / emotion, music genre and everything is very different from the album of Godse Seven. Can you explain the difference? And why is it so different?

In  fact , Jeong Yeon Kang's Seven Album has made a lot of attempts. One of those attempts  It was a series, but after finishing the last album, I was worried about what kind of music to do now. Then, as I prepared the album for JJ Project, I thought, 'Let's take some power out of performance-oriented dance music.' 

JB In  fact, I have been worried a lot. Originally, five years ago, JJ Project's music was a jumping song. It did not seem much different from the music of Godse Seven. But I thought that if JJ Project came back, it would be different. Both of us are naturally sincere and quiet in character. In the case of God Se7en, the performance can also be called the so-called 'Kakeda', but this JJ Project is not. 

Q Although it is a mini album, it is full of eight songs. Album work seems to have taken a long time. When did you start working and how long did it take?

 It seems that the camp started from the middle of March and finished by June. There were too many good songs. There were more than 10 songs, but I could not put them all in. Then it became a regular album. That's why I'm so nervous. 

JB  Gel When I started work on my first song, I said, 'Now start!' I started saying It really took that much. 

Q I was able to find the names of Defsoul and Jinyoung in almost all the songs. It will not be easy to make time for the idol / starla to work on the global stage, and there will be many composers who will give you a good song. Why bother writing, composing?

If  we join in a little bit, the feeling of playing the song is different. It is different to read while reading diary and reading my diary. So, as much as possible, we wanted to work on our own. It was meaningful.

JB  I'm just always working on a regularbasis . I just like to work. 

Camp  -type is almost mechanical.

JB It's  hard to bet, but it's not true. I always get in touch with my friends who work with me, so I do it when the time is right. 

Q Nevertheless, the title song is composed by JYP's composer Lee Woo-min, and the lyrics are worked with JYP's representative producer Park Jin-young. The reason is?

For the  first time, "Tomorrow, today" was good, and it was BPM that could dance. After the title song was set, we wrote the lyrics first, and Park Jin-young PD saw it and corrected it. 

The JB-  listed song "Icarus" was a candidate for the title "Tomorrow, Today" and "Icarus" was neither gay nor popular. "Tomorrow, today" The lyrics were written from the beginning to the end, respectively. I really tried hard but Park Jin-young PD has fixed a lot.(haha)

Camp  haeteotneunde that the fix a couple of times. But I liked the best is given pidinim fixed.

Q The first solo song was recorded in the album after debut. I also felt subtle differences in the music style and chasing method I pursued in their songs, but what if each person explained the solo song? And what if you evaluate your opponent's solo song?

The  lyrics themselves are my story. I usually have a good day and some bad days. But that was not good. It was not bad that it was bad. "I had a lot of thoughts like this, but I wanted to talk about it this time. My voice is not a normal and strong tone, but this time I found a genre that fits my voice better than my favorite genre. I think that it is the song which carried the most of the songs that I have done so far.Relaxation is new. 

JB  "Fade Away" is a R & B based music that I always pursued. It is a song with 20% fire, 70% grief, and 10% sorrow. I just wanted to see a love song but I wrote the lyrics so I could think differently. There are a lot of people who say that my life is going to be strange, but I'm tired of that?  

When I  was in the shower, I went in to brush my teeth and listen. I thought that you did not have a song yet, but I did not see the song that made my voice really good. I thought that the rhythm was nice, the voice was good and the song was good.

JB  I also heard that the camp went in and out of the shower. It went well and was as expected. It seems to fit the personality. 

 Q What other songs do you want to recommend? The reason is that?

The camp  "Icarus", "Do not Wanna Know"

JB  Does it look like me? I also have these two songs 

The camp  "Icarus" is his brother's work, but it has such a strange and cool feeling. It seems like we should listen to it in the sea and seem to listen in the grassland. It was good to be cool when listening. 

JB  "Icarus" felt like it was going through the clouds when listening. I chose "Icarus" when I was worried about how to write lyrics. You may think that the ending is negative, but it seems that the dreamer is well suited to this song. "Do not Wanna Know" got the song and we got to write the lyrics together. 

Q What artists, songs and albums do you like to recommend these days?

JB  Travis Scott- Goosebumps. I once heard a lot.

Jinjae  Yoo Jae-ha - My appearance in my heart. I really like it.

Q What is your satisfaction with this album? What if there is an unfortunate part?

Camp  to the efforts made. There is no regret.

JB I   always feel the album every time I come out, just before the release, "Oh, next time I will do better," I think. It seems to be in short supply and shortage. When the CD came out.

Q [JB] The Mix Tape songs and the official songs of the album that I have personally released are somewhat different in terms of the lyrics as well as the music genre. Can you explain? 

JB  Mix Tape works only with you.That's what I want to do. But it's different when you're working on Seven songs. I write while thinking about the figure of God Seven. So it is different. This is a slightly compromised song, "Prove it" on the now defunct Seven album, and this solo song "Fade Away".In the case of the song of Godse Seven, it is not my own work, but it is released under the name of the group and company I belong to. 

Q [Jinjae] If JB is the main vocal along with the gifted at Godse Seven, Jin was actually not a vocal member. (I was a rapper at JJ last time.) But I feel like I have grown more vocal than this album. What efforts have you made?

I did not want to harm the camp team. Training has continued. I actually did not have any vocal skills or styles. Even when recording albums, composers just ordered their style when they ordered it. There was no 'my way' and there was no stubbornness or habit. Just as the composer wants, I'm more expert than I am. I have done that. However, rather than being so long, I have experienced and absorbed many styles. Voices seem to have grown steadily in their own way. I learned a lot from my experience. It seems to be because of the solved mind and continuous practice of accepting the know-how of others rather than doing something. Especially, this time, it seems to have become a chance to show many things at once at the same time because I work with two people for a long time. 

I heard that I published a photo essay with Q album and also opened a photo exhibition. I was busy with the album work, why did you try this?

JB It was  my hobby to take pictures. The camp was also interested.

Camp  Through this album, we wanted to talk to music. It is a photo exhibition that I think of as a way to show this a bit more visually. We are not an expert on photography, especially I am not an expert, but I think it is another way of expressing our thoughts a bit more by expressing our view and world. 

Q I was surprised at the lyrics I wrote myself, but I was surprised when I saw the text in the photo essay. Do you try to do the lyrics / writing as well as the effort in music?

Camp  to think the most important lyrics in the songs personally, I jeongjak skill detailing tastefully lyrics seem not.Just straight lyrics. Honest lyrics. For example, as I said before, my love song, but I can not interpret it differently, I am not so good at it. It is true that anyone can see it. So I try to release it a little more sincerely and sincerely.

 Everything in JB music is important, but the range of lyrics seems to be wide. I just write down my memo about the feelings and expressions I feel at that time.  

 Q picture is also an amateur-like skill. Are you interested in photos and more?

There is a lot of interest in JB photography. I like the old mood and it is good to film it with a film camera. I did not write an essay, but I used to write down things or things I felt after photographing alone. 

Camp  I'm just taking people to "remain Gun Photos are" thought to keep records to take photos wherever you go, like that of others. This time I laid out a plate so I decided to take a shot, but Hokkaido scenery was so pretty, so it came out well. The ironic crab has something in common with me, and I like to take pictures, but ourselves ... I do not like it. 

JB  I do not like to shoot me. Should I be a little embarrassed?

The camp  is famous for the two of us. On the team 

 Q Most of the 20s, especially those in the 20s who are interested in photography, usually take pictures and share them with others through SNS, both of which are said to have little SNS. More than a unique line as a celebrity. The reason is that?

 SNS does not fit due to the nature of the camp . I am trying to be faithful to my life. It is ironic that my world is judged as a picture. And I do not want to easily judge the world of others. So SNS does not do well.  

JB  is an entertainer when performing a show or on TV, but he does not think he is an entertainer when living a normal life outside the stage. I do not mean bad, but I have my own life. But nowadays I feel the necessity. It seems to be easier and more convenient than SNS to communicate with fans. 

Camp  I seem to be required only for the fans.

Q Do you have your favorite camera model that you use personally?

When choosing a JB  camera, first look for pictures taken with that camera. I bought a Ricoh GR1 a while back, and I used old film on that camera, so I took a picture with my favorite feeling. Then I am looking for a film camera. The first time I took pictures was because of the Japanese movie "Love Photo", but all of the cameras in the movie were Canon.So at first I bought it and then I got interested in other things. 

Q I heard that Jin Young likes movies, but what movies do you like? 

The camp  has become so popular with Hong Kong movies these days. I am looking for Hong Kong movies in the early 90s - early 2000s such as Chungyeong Forest, I now know why people were so enthusiastic about Hong Kong movies. Most of the movies I wanted to try were mood itself, which was mainly from Korea and American movies. I see a lot of movies taken by the actor Lee Tae Woo and the director Wong Kar Wai.

 Q Do you have any personal hobbies besides photographs, reading / writing?+ If you have a good hobby and want to try OOO again next time?

JB  I just thought of all the books I like and I just like the old bookstore, and then I make coffee like a cafe.

How frivolous is the camp  ?

JB There is  no door,

 I would like to write some articles for the camp . It would be fun if I could write them regularly and put them in magazines. And I want to take a real book later when I get older. I saw Hemingway in the movie "Midnight in Paris" and said, "Write any topic is not bad." I've been thinking about it since I saw it. But it is not easy, it is difficult to write. 

Q Nowadays, exhibitions, photo exhibitions, etc. are among the twenties. Have you ever been there?What are the recent exhibitions and exhibitions?

JB  "Patty Boyd Photo Exhibition". It was nice to see a photograph of Beatles' Muse and George Harrison's wife Patty Boyd taking a trip with the Beatles. The space was very good too, and the tone of my vintage photo was also good. There is also an exhibition to go. "Pixar" Animation Exhibition. I have not gone yet.

Q I work for three and a half years with Seven, and it is JJ project again. How do you feel? 

JB  It seems that many of you are curious about the appearance of the JJ Project in five years. The memory itself is grateful and proud. I think I should do as well as you expect, but I am worried that you will not like it because it is not music like the old Bounce. I think it is a song that many people can sympathize with. 

Camp  sort of, there are some things learned things when freshly Seven did not know well. How many people in the company, staffs are suffering for us. I used to know before, but I could not tell. Because the line of sight is dispersed. I was really grateful and so I tried harder. Whatever the result, I think it is a valuable time.

Q What is the reaction of the Seven members? Please ask members for a word.

The  members of the camp were more fun and anticipating and so good, especially Mark.

The JB: Mark almost seems to be the album itself..Mark, Did you step up to Platinum? Let's get ready for the next seven albums. All members are very thankful for what they liked without any objection when the JJ Project unit was decided. Because we are members with excellent skills and personality, we are going to start and other members can also do solo, unit. fighting! 
Q What are the resolutions and goals of this album activity?

The camp  can not be loved by all, but those who love us now do not want to disappoint. Let's just keep it. What I especially want ... I just want you to shave a little while doing V app.

JB  Overseas performances for a while, I just went to the broadcasting station for a while ago and had a music broadcast in the first half of the year. I do not know why, but suddenly I was afraid of it. I was a little bit scared because I used to listen to music. I just want this activity to be safe, fun and so good. 

Q What if I sprung briefly about Seven activities?

There will be another full-fledged start of the camp  . We wanted to talk about it before we said, 'We are actually people like this. Then I wonder if I can get a deeper understanding of God Seven.  

Q What do you want to say to your fans?
I think JB  faction is not just a unit activity between me and myself, but seven people's activity. I thought I should not feel the vacancy of the members, so I have been very careful, so I will try hard not to be disappointed. Thank you so much all the time.

Camp  seems very mature album that came out. So good songs, pictures, videos. I'm not really honest with you guys. I am so grateful that you guys have been waiting for me, and I think I will be active for about a month. And as a unit, we are not just Seven, so I hope you will not worry about the fans who like more God Seven. 

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