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Mr. Park POV

"I-I know Jimin" she said with no emotion what so ever. She tried to leave but I wasn't going to let her off that easy.

"Where the hell do you think you're going Y/N." Grabbing her forcefully by the wrist before she tried to run out the classroom.

"Home, I knew coming  here was a bad idea". She said.

I could feel her anger seeping through but I still deserved a clear answer.

She's been pushing me away for far too long. Every call. Every message. Every voice mail. But nothing.

How could she possibly do that. My insides burned at the thought of her with someone else. Y/N is mine and no one else's. I'll get an answer out of her, even if I have to force one out!!

"You said it yourself Y/N, that you love me" I added before letting her go.

She began to walk away from me

"So was that all a lie" I said holding back tears.

She stopped in her tracks. Turned around, this time facing me eye to eye. Before I could even say anything else she started to cry.

"J-Jimin, as much as it hurts me to say it I have to let you go. This relationship is not n-normal. Not to mention how illegal it is." She said as I held her into a tight embrace.

Although I didn't want to admit it. Deep down I knew all she said was pure facts. I knew she was afraid of getting caught eventually, since I have many fans behind me. Any one of them could easily expose us to the entire school.

Yes every worse case scenario popping into my thoughts. But was I really this selfish? Letting my feelings blind me of the reality we are in right now.

"Y/N I'm willing to risk it all for you. I promised I'll protect you, and that's what I've been doing all this time" I said,  making my voice crack a little.

"Have I not." I added, lightly cupping her her face covered in tears with my hands.

She smiled and nodded in agreement. I picked her up from the floor and spun her around as she let out a few laughs.

"Jimin, if you are ready to risk it all...well so am I" she said, bringing me in for a kiss. This one feeling different from the last. Accepting a feeling we both shared.

In that moment I felt my body fill up with that warm fuzzy feeling. It wasn't exactly the answer I was looking for but it was enough to let me know.

All I wanted was to run and take her with me.

So far no one would ever hear from us again. To a safe place away from all her troubles and problems. Problems unfortunately only I knew but for certain reasons I couldn't get involved as much as I would like.

But would that be too crazy for me to suggest?. It would solve many problems at hand. Although it would create new ones. But why not, i thought to myself slowly separating our lips enough for me to speak.

"Run away with me Y/N" The sound smoothly hitting her lips.

"Will this be the only way we could both be together? " She asked, still keeping that closeness.

"Yes, trust me" I said, wrapping my arms around her waist. Since she had no reason not to trust me, it's not like I would betray her either way.

"Okay, now take me home" she added flashing her natural bright smile, the one I've been missing all this time. Making me do the same without even realizing it.

I gathered a few things from my desk making sure I didn't forget my car keys. As we exit the classroom we were far apart from each other, not to cause suspicion. In case someone decided to make an unexpected appearance.

I unlocked the car door, opening the passenger seat for Y/N, she hates it when I do that but what can I say. It's been so long so I had to show her what she's in for.

The entire ride we talked about how we've been all these weeks, since we haven't spoken. Apart from the regular student  teacher conversations of course.

She filled me in on a lot. The car filled with laughter until we were less than half a block away from her house.

I knew the drill by now. Stopping before we were visible from any point in that house. We couldn't risk being seen by her mother for obvious reasons. So I parked in an empty space near the corner unlocking the passenger side of the door.

"See you tomorrow, don't forget to finish your work" reminding her of the reason I waited for her in the first place.

"How can I" she said her smile breaking into a smirk as she started walking to her House.


As soon as I got home I left my paper work on the coffee table. I'll grade them later, I thought to myself. So I decided to take a shower.

After taking a long hot shower I sat on my couch in front of the coffee table. Y/N coming to mind and what I proposed to her earlier.

Something told me it was now or never, getting up from the couch and headed to my room. I searched for my luggage located somewhere deep behind my closet. Rufleing  things around left and right, I finally got ahold of it.

I opened it, throwing as many shirts and pants I could possibly fit inside of it. Getting up to inspect everything I would need to be inside. Then picked it up placing it somewhere I can easily find it. Leaving it besides my bed.

I heard someone call, I rushed to the coffee table, where I had left it. But before I could get to it the ringing stopped. Maybe it was

Unlocking my phone to check, but no luck. What the hell, It was a number I don't recognize, I would never give a stranger my number.

"It might be a mistake, someone accidentally dialed my number", I thought to myself, putting my phone down where the stack of papers still laid flat.

I sat down on the couch one by one I began to grade them. This is cruel and unusual punishment. Most of the papers filled with side notes of

Ugh.. when will these girls learn. I still had one more stack to suffer through...


Oh... no no no, I sprung up from the couch. It's 9:45. immediately calling my boss.

"Hello, Namjoon"

"Jimin, where are you, I've been trying to reach you."

"I overslept grading some papers, I'll be there in a few"

"Okay, for the moment I'll send Jin to watch your class until you get there"

"I owe you one"

"You sure do Jiminie"

"Haha very funny..Dance Monster"


I rushed for a quick shower. Taking me less then 10 minutes. I had no time to waste so I grabbed the first thing in my closet.

Coming out of my apartment with a black shirt and black pants. Great what am I going to a funeral or what. I couldn't be bother to go back and change, so I unlocked my car.

There was no time to waste, repeatedly looking at my phone to check the time. Like it was going to change the fact that I was already late.

I knew it was going to be hard to find a parking spot this in the morning. As I turned to the parking lot of the school and to my surprise there were 3 spots free for the taking.

Don't mind I'd If do, I said while parking in a space close to the school entrance. God I was a mess looking more like a student rather than a teacher. I looked at the time to see how late I was 10:40.

Okay not bad with the slight traffic today. I let out a sigh tired from rushing.

I hear that familiar voice as I walked the empty hallway.

"Hamburgers, what color are they? " He said, I got closer to the window near the door to see their reactions.


Yea typical Jin, I couldn't help but to chuckle at that joke. Opening the door to see my students laughing at his dad jokes.

"Good morning class sorry I was late I had a little inconvenience this morning" the room was silent all eyes went from Jin immediately to me.

It felt a little strange since I never got that amount of attention all at once. I proceeded to thank Jin for keeping my class occupied with his dad jokes.

"Thank you Mr. Kim, I will take it from here"

"With pleasure" he said followed by his famous blowing air kisses to my class. Causing all the girls and some guys to fall head over heels for him.  

Before I could even start the class the bell rang. Great just my luck..


It was almost fourth period, happy and anxious to see Jimin. Even though I won't do much and neither will he since we are on school ground.

"I'm glad we talked it out" I thought to myself. Suddenly my back pocket vibrated making me jump a little. It was Julie, I wonder what she wants now.

Have you see Jisu anywhere

No I thought she was with you

Well no I haven't seen her this morning

Don't worry she's probably sick or something

Maybe you're right.

Now that I think about it, I haven't seen her since nor heard from her since yesterday. The last time was her walking out of Jimin's class.

What might those two be talking about. Unless it was about her grades which would make sense since she's not the brightest of students when it comes to literature.

I scrolled down to my contacts sending one last text before entering Mr. Park's classroom.

To: Jisu
Listen you got Julie and I worried sick, where in the hell are you.

To: Jisu
Response or call as soon as you see this.

Putting my phone back to it's original place, unaware of what's in front of me. causing me to collide against a hard surface. Thinking it was a student I apologized before bringing my gaze upon those glorious red locks of hair.

What happened to his professional attire, is he even  allowed to dress so provocative.

He laughed at the way I appeared more lost than ever before. Jimin leaned a little closer to my ear and said.

"Don't worry, I just woke up late" then immediately standing back in place allowing me to enter and take my sit.

That explains why he's dressed up likes he's going to a funeral, probably mine. It's as if I died and went to heaven, yes my eyes have been blessed.

Okay Y/N back to reality, I said to myself sitting down waiting for Julie to appear.

I had many things in mind, many I wanted and had to ask since Julie and Jisu have gotten closer recently.

For most of the class I was completely out of it. Distracted by many things at once. I deserve answers, didn't I? He can trust me with everything, I just had to know. But it wasn't as simple. Going up to him and asking was never a sane thing to do.

Every time he would look at me my blood would rush straight into my cheeks, oh no trying to hide my face from being seen.

"Well what do we have here, Mr. Park finally got to little Y/N" Julie said nudging my shoulder, only making me hide even more.

"Y/N, you're so innocent it's cute. But don't worry we've all been there" Reminding me of how bad she was crushing on Mr. Kim and his corny dad jokes.

"Hey even Jisu had a thing for him once" blurting out the last park  almost to herself, so I won't be able to hear it.

"She did?...when???...but how, I-I mean she never mentioned this to me???" I couldn't help but to feel a bit of betrayal. We have been friends for such a long time we were almost like sisters.

The bell rang indicating the end of fourth period.

"Oh it's nothing to stress over Y/N, just go get your man's attention...byeeeee" she said teasing me one last time before she ran out the room hoping I wouldn't catch up to her.

You're lucky I don't do running Julie.

I gathered my book and papers. Being almost the last one out I handed my work from yesterday all complete.

"Good job Y/N. You outdid yourself today, I'm very proud" he said as he took my paperwork and placed it inside a tan folder.

"Hey I thought the students were supposed to be the kiss ass, not the other way around" Crossing my hand at my chest with a wide smirk across my face.

Making us both laugh at the the end.

"Are you ready" I said it comfortable enough since Jimin and I were the only two in the classroom.

"Just say when and where" he continued, but this time with a soft desire smile.

It's hard to deny the butterflies in my stomach. I was more than prepared to run away. Also scared of the unknown future that waits for me if I do.

"I'm ready if you are" he said planting a soft warm kiss on my forehead.

Thanks that helped a lot, I'll see you later alright

"See you later Y/N"

I left the classroom with more questions than answers. There's only one thing I'm sure of and that's his love I can't deny any longer.