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There had to be someone else, Nari thought. It was starting to bug her, she just couldn't shake that feeling that she was intruding on another girls guy. Maybe it was just insecurity from having been cheated on. Maybe she watched too many dramas and was looking for something that wasn't there.

Xiumin scooted closer across the front seat of his car. She smiled at him. Then he put his arm around her, his hand cupping her shoulder. She could feel her face starting to heat up again. He leaned close to her ear, like he was going to whisper something to her. She leaned her head towards him subtly, keeping her eyes forward. Then she felt the tip of his nose against the edge of her ear, she could hear his little breaths, she even heard him swallow softly. She closed her eyes waiting to feel his lips against her cheek. With his free hand, she felt it go down her arm and come to a rest on her wrist.

β€œLee Na Ri I like you. Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked softly into her ear.

Without opening her eyes, she smiled and nodded, β€œYes.”

She felt his fingertips on her chin as he turned her head towards him. Then she felt something soft and warm touching her lips. He was so gentle, she was dying as he pecked at her lips. She opened her mouth a little, showing him she wanted more. She felt his thumb run across her bottom lip before he fully engaged her mouth into a full on deep kiss that had her melting. His hand wrapped around her neck, his fingers pressing against the back pulling her into the kiss. With a small movement of his thumb, her head moved to one side and he sucked at her neck, just below her ear. She clenched her hands, trying to stay in control of herself and to keep from moaning out. Her heavy breathing was making the window next to her, fog up. Her eyes rolled up in ecstasy. The rain beating down on the roof of the car, made this moment even more romantic.

Xiumin loved how her skin felt on his lips. He just wanted to sit there and kiss her neck. Suckling her soft skin. He was tempted to bite into her, to show her how savage he can be but he held back, he didn't want this going in that direction. He wanted this to be different. He wanted to have a pure relationship. A relationship built from the bottom up. He hoped it would control the beast if he moved slowly. But, his hands were trying to take control. The hand that was holding her neck slipped down slowly, wanting to feel the rest of her. It went down between her full breasts, stopping at her tummy. His thumb caressing from side to side and then making small circles. He could feel her body shaking.

He wanted to just push her into the back seat and lay with her on top of him. They didn't have to do anything. He just wanted to feel her body pressing against his. Maybe have her straddle him, he liked it when a woman is on top and if she wanted to do more, he would let her.

He pulled away quickly. He shook his head. That's not what he wanted, that's what his body wanted. That's what the beast inside wanted. He promised Chen he wouldn't let it out anymore, especially after what happened that last time. There had been complications throughout their whole sexual escapades. When it came out, it was like he was no longer in control and all he was left with were dream like memories of what happened. Chen was the one to figure it out and told him they weren't doing it anymore. The string of meaningless woman, stopped.

β€œWhat's wrong?” She was still reeling from his lips.

She came towards him, wanting him to keep going but he looked like he was coming to his senses so she sat back. This was it, she thought, he can't do it because he doesn't want to hurt his real girlfriend. She was ready to hear it.

β€œNothing is wrong.” He wiped his mouth. β€œIt's late, do you want to go home?” he asked starting his car.

β€œUmm, not until you tell me what's wrong?” She said. She tried not to sound too upset.

He looked at her and seen she was confused, β€œIt’s not you. I'm glad you said yes, I like you. I really do. But I just want to make sure I don't screw this up. My mind is set on doing this properly but my body is wanting something else. Do you understand?”

β€œI think I do.” Nari had to admit, she wanted it to be different. Most guys she's dated, have or tried to jump into bed with her the first night. And later on, the relationship turned sour.

Xiumin leaned over and kissed her again, as innocently as he could.

It made her heart race, β€œYou're being a gentleman, Kim Minseok, and I like that.” She said.

β€œI want to be, to you.” He replied. β€œI think I should take you home now.”
Like Snow, Falling Out Of The Sky (10)

Kim Minseok, you little devil you!!!!!
Some beast he must have then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Don't worry Minseok, I'll keep Jongdae company πŸ˜†πŸ˜†