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Yes, you read that right!

The Korean Tourism Organization is holding a contest and they want to bring two people (the one winner can choose a friend!) to SEOUL!

They're looking for people who love Korean entertainment and I have a feeling some of us fall into that category lol.

Here's how to enter:

Upload your photo or video to the official site.

This means you can upload a cover dance, a parody of a K-drama scene, recreate a makeup look by a famous celebrity, ANYTHING!

Good luck!!!*

*I'm just passing along the info, so I won't be able to answer your questions further than this! Sorry^^
*Clipping for further investigation.*
Sounds amazing!!! But I'm starting my first semester of college and can't afford to miss any school. :( Thanks for letting us know though!! I'd they continue stuff like this in the feature that I wold definitely enter when I'm older!!
Wow! Sounds fun! And a chance to win a trip to Seoul! Awesome!
when you get all excited then realize it's over :3
When does this end?
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