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Ok, so i
have heard Monsta X before and
like them, but i
am not familiar
with them but I am
a sucker for cute concepts...
But this MV was too adorable!! And I
decided on a bias but I don't
know his name! Help me? But for now, a few pics from the MV!

So this MV was like, DESIGNED for visuals. But this part was like, uber adorable with the whole dancing thing! ❤️
Alright, so now for my
And finally, like I
really know nothing
about the group, but can I
ship this?
...yup. Well,
liked it! ❤️❤️
i also recommend checking out Perfect Girl self cam version MV
I can't wait to watch it. 😊 Thank you!
They are the sweetest guys...
Minhyuk is a great choice for a bias - he is so cute!! As for the ship, Minhyuk and Jooheon (my bias, lol)?.... I'd ship it!! 😉 I'm glad you are getting into these guys, they have a lot of great music and are a really fun group. Check out their shows "Right Now" and "No Mercy" on YouTube if you can - No Mercy is the reality show about the creation of the group, and Right Now is their show - both will help you get to know (and fall in love with) all of the guys!
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No problem! Enjoy!! 😄