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The last few periods went by so fast and I'm glad. All I wanted was to head home and sleep. Since I had the day off from work.

I got my phone out to text Jimin.

To: Jiminie
I'm ready, I'll be waiting outside.

Placing my phone back into my back pocket. I waited and waited and waited some more.

What the heck is taking him so long. I took out my phone again to text him.

To my surprise, he didn't even respond to my last message. It's been a little over half an hour from my last text. So I decided to try one more time.

To: Jiminie
Where are you?.

Then again placed it back in my back pocket.

After waiting there for almost one hour, I decided to leave and walk home. It wasn't that far so walking won't hurt at all.

I began to take my way home, exiting the school parking lot. Getting to the corner ready to cross the street a black mercedes benz stopped me from crossing.

It was Mr. kim.

"Did you stop me to tell me one of your dad jokes" I said making him laugh.

"No Y/N that's not it" he said still recovering from what I said.

"I was going to ask if you need a ride home" he said already unlocking the passenger seat.

"Yea sure"  I wasn't going to deny that offer, I was too lazy to walk that far anyways....Don't judge me.

I got in the car, adjusting the seat to my preference. Finally the seat belt.

"Safety first" Mr. Kim said with a motherly feel to it.

"I know, I know " I replied like I would to my mother.

In no less than ten minutes we were already in front of my house. I was ready to jump out the car. No, the ride home wasn't awkward or anything In that matter but I wanted to sleep. Yes simple as that.

I unbuckled the seatbelt to get out of the car.

"Be careful Y/N, not everyone is what they seem to be. Keep your guard up" those were the last few words he spoke before flashing a smile and waving goodbye.

Okay?? That was a little weird. In all honesty getting me even more confused. My emotions already shaken up from earlier so this didn't help but made it worse.

I dragged myself to the from door. The mail was full. I had the key inside, I'll just check it later it's not like it will go anywhere.

As I went in there was no one. Well typical since my mom was still at work around this time and I forgot to mentioned I would be home for today.

Since there was no one home I had to put my cooking skills to the test. A yes ramen, my specialty.

Ever since Mr. Kim left I got this bad feeling. I couldn't shake it off no matter what I did. Avoiding to think about it but it only made me remember it more. Now what did he mean by that.

Not only was I confused by the fact Julie and Jisu hid some things from me, but also that strange incident with Jisu leaving the classroom angry, but from what. And to top it all off Jimin.  He could've at least let me know he wasn't taking me home today.  

I was sitting at the kitchen table eating the last of the ramen. It was only 4:30, I decided to take a nap. Maybe that might help me forget some of the dumb things I was stressing about.

I walked up to my room and sat on my bed. Taking off my black sweater, amazed how well it was kept after so long. Wash after wash still managing to maintain this particular scent.
It was like a male cologne mix with lavender and vanilla.

This sweater brought me so much comfort I didn't have the heart to throw it away. Now laying on my bed covered by my sweater, I dozed off to sleep.

I was woken up by a call. The brightness of my phone almost blinding me. It was 9:40, I had 20 missed calls and 5 text messages. "What in the world" I said opening all the calls

Jisu [5 missed calls]

Julie [6 missed calls]

Jiminie [7 missed calls]

Mother [2 missed calls]

Holy crud, was I gone for that long or what??

Now opening the messages, all coming from the same person.

I'm Soo sorry Y/N, I had a meeting with my boss.

My phone died baby I'm sorry I couldn't respond.

I send Mr. Kim to give you a ride home since I was still stuck at that damn meeting.

I'm sorry, I hope you're not mad at me. I Love you❤

Don't forget I'm ready when you are.

I felt relieved to know why he couldn't make it, but that didn't last long.

The sound of glass shattering had me running downstairs. A now shattered glass of water under her. It was my mom holding some of the mail more specifically a medium Manila envelope filled with what seemed to be photos.

Before I could process the situation, she struck me to the floor, waking me up from my drowsy state. Leaving behind a burning sensation across my face.

I tried to cover my cheek, I was on the floor scared, confused, and furious.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS Y/N" She yelled, throwing with massive force the photos she was holding a minute ago.

The photos now laying all around me, surrounding me. I felt cornered.

"EXPLAIN YOURSELF" She screamed, throwing the rest of photos inside the envelope, but still holding on to a small handwritten note.

Tears emerged as I saw the photos. They were all of Jimin and I. Every single one of them. From our first date to the most recent one. One with both of us kissing in the classroom.

"M-Mom, please I can explain" I said, getting up pleading for her to hear me out.

"EXPLAIN WHAT  Y/N , THAT YOU'VE BEEN SEEING MR. PARK AS MORE THAN YOUR TEACHER." she yelled holding me by the the wrist so I won't be able to run anywhere.


With every word burning my insides, I broke my silence.

"NO, HE LOVES ME AND I LOVE HIM. I'M NOT A GAME TO HIM MOM" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Earning me another slap across the face. This one burning even more than the last. Leaving a scratch mark across my cheek.

She screamed. I yelled. With enough force I got away from my mother's grip and ran to the bathroom instantly locking the door. I took out my phone.

To: Jiminie
I'm ready, met me at the convenient store. hurry!

Quickly pressed send. The sound of my mom trying to break the door down, filled my body with fear. I had to get out.

I turned to face the bathroom window. That's it, I had to force it open.

"Y/N COME OUT " she said, at the verge of breaking the door.

The sound filling the room, adrenaline pumping to my system like never before. Finally forcing the window open wide enough for me to get out.

I made my escape leaving a few scratches on my arms and legs from the fall.

I ran out of there, running as fast as my legs would allow me. Wiping away the tears preventing me from seeing where I was running.

Great, just what I needed. I could feel small drops of water and on my face.  

Running for a good ten minutes. The darkness now began to fill with rain. Making it ten times harder to see exactly where one was heading towards.

Wondering if my mom realized I was already gone. Or following to see where I'll run off to. It killed me not to know, to say the least. I turned right, I could see the convenient store straight ahead. Coming to a halt once I reached the door of the store.
to the hard concrete, causing even more scrapes on my legs. I tried to stabilize my breathing. That license plate, I recognized  it. That was Jimin's car parked in front the store .

Joy filled my entire body, distracting  me from the pain of running. Which I've never had to do until now.

"Y/N what happened to you" Jimin asked as he opened the door to exit the store. Putting down bags full of food to help me up from the ground.

"I'll explain on the way, now come on we have to leave" I said, grabbing two of those bags full with food and placed it in the empty trunk. As he was putting the rest of the bags inside,  I saw a luggage. Well he sure was prepared.

We both got inside the car, buckled your seatbelt and took off like our lives depended on it, which most likely did.

The rain was suddenly getting heavier. Making it extremely dangerous for those fast drivers, including us. Now here I am sitting in my lover's car running away far too god knows where.

I was awfully quiet trying to figure out the impossible.  Who might have taken all those pictures without either of us noticing. We were both careful not to be seen, special Jimin since he had way more to lose than I.

"Y/N is everything alright" he said probably wondering why I was quiet all of a sudden."

"We can't stay here it's no longer safe. She knows" I said a few tears ready to fall at any given moment.

"Things don't always go as we plan Y/N. Don't stress it, it's us against the world baby" he said
And I playfully hit his arm, both of us laughing at how corny that was.

"We have to get out of here quick, Y/N I have to take care of  your wounds properly" he said disposing of the tissue paper he gave me to stop my lip from bleeding.

Jimin had been driving for almost two hours. At this point is was pouring outside. It was almost impossible to see the road clearly. We were probably far from home now.

"Jiminie, where are we heading? " I asked covering myself with a blanket he had in the back seat.

"Baby, I'm looking for a motel so we can rest alright? He said, with a smile making his eyes appear like crescents.

I looked outside the window, the night looked a little frightening from the rain. There were plenty of trees with little to no cars passing by. Scaring me Every time as each passed by, thinking it might be my mom following.

Jimin assured me we were far away, almost impossible for anyone to follow that far. I leaned to the side and gave Jimin a kiss on the cheek. His cheeks turned reddish, I found it adorable how he tried hard to hide it but couldn't.

I was laughing on the outside but my insides still crave for answers. But there was one thing in particular. I just had to ask.

I tried but didn't know the right way to ask. So there won't be suspicious of someone eavesdropping on that's conversations.

The more I kept it to myself the more it me killed to know. Curiosity got the best of me. Finally deciding to ask.

"Jimin, what were you talking about with Jisu "

He looked at me a bit scared but mostly confused. I clarified my question, to avoid any misunderstandings.

"Two days ago I saw Jisu coming out of the class....angry" I  added, a bit more scared of the look on Jimin's face. I didn't recognized him anymore. This was my first time seeing him this angry.

Looking at me, then immediately back to the road ahead only to say "she was getting in the way..."  

His expression quickly changed, I faced forward to see why he looked terrified.

A car approaching from the opposite direction.

"Hit the fucking brakes" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"that will  make it  worse" yelling over my screaming.

Both of us terrified. The closer we got, we noticed the car was out of control. The car was swerving left and right. Now ours out of control due to the amount of rain.

Jimin tried to control the car but quickly gave up. Now only inches away from the upcoming vehicle.

Our last few moments, but why? Why did it have to end like this?. Where's our happy ending? I guess there was none for people like us.

Jimin tried tried to pull me into his arms, I tried to reach back but it was already too late. A bright light blinded me. I braced myself for the impact. I felt the car lifting up from the grown. My heart stopped for a second.

My body slammed inside car left and right. At this point numb from the countless hits. Then thrown out the side window.

I was laying on the side of the road unable to move my body, glass shattered everywhere. I could feel the rain getting worse by the minute. Every painful drop coming into contact with my body. The odor of gasoline everywhere. Remembering the headlights of the car coming our way.

Before it all went dark..