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{[-WATCH+]} The.Heirs.Episode-14 - 15 (The Inheritors) *Eng Sub - Korean Drama HQ1080p
“ The Heirs Episode 13-14 (The Inheritors) "Eng Sub" - Korean Drama WATCH THE HEIRS FULL EPISODE 14 *ENGLISH SUBTITLE >>>> http://w.atch.me/MRjCVH WATCH THE HEIRS FULL EPISODE 15 *ENGLISH SUBTITLE >>>> http://w.atch.me/BHlcPy In The Heirs, episode 13, Choi Young Do(played by Kim Woo Bin)’s photos with Cha Eun Sang(played by Park Shin Hye) was revealed. Jo Myung Soo(played by Park Hyung Sik) and Lee Bo Na(played by Crystal) saw the new photos of the school camping and was surprised. In every photo Eun Sang was in, Young Do was looking at her with his eyes full of love. Myung Soo and Bo Na asked Young Do, “You really like Cha Eun Sang? Why would you look for your first love in school? You know first loves never work out. It’s an official rule.” Young Do looked at the photos and said, “So this is how I look like when I look at Cha Eun Sang. ---Tim Sung Ku
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