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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length: 2660  words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 14

Y/N’s Pov:

 You ran to the door and found the guys there with their bags.

“Come on y/n the guys are already down stairs.” Hyungsik said.  

“Grab my bags!” You grabbed a dress and threw it on before bolting down to the boys.

 You had Seo Joon drive ahead of the boys and ran in to find the host. You pulled out you badge.

“Where is the man I spoke to last night?” You asked and a small man came out.

“Me Miss. Moon please this way.” He lead you to the stage room where there is all access to the stage and lights and cameras. “My team is getting off break now is there anything you need?”

“Bangtang is to not have a clue what is going on and who we are. We are a special team to help them and we need your cooperation and help.” He nodded and his team came in.

“This is Miss. Moon you will all do what she says, you need to obey her every word and not to talk about it.” They agreed and you plugged in your laptop.

“I need everyone to double up on the security. If you find problems ask one of my members or me. We won't let this concert get interrupted.” You ordered and they followed.

 As Bangtang rehearsed we rated on the low. Daisy ended up flying out and did Jungkook's make up for the performance we had 30 minutes till their performance.

“We have 30 minutes till they go out there, we have thirty minutes to make sure Bangtang's performance goes off without a hitch.” Seo Joon grabbed your hand. “If you have anything strange please tell me or my team.”

“Miss what happens if we can't stop this?” Hyungsik grabbed your other hand while someone asked.

“Then we do anything we can to keep Bangtang safe.” You looked at the cameras. “Let's get started people!”

 The boys started and there wasn't anything going wrong according to earlier it was going just like the rehearsal. Then boom everyone's laptop was getting hacked. Within seconds you wiped out your computer and moved to help out the crew.

“What the hell?” You whispered when you saw one of the staffs computer. “They we're gonna use yours to upload this to the stage. Send this to me, Now!”

 You ran to the other crews laptops and un-hacked them and started to send whoever was doing this by sending a virus to them. It's not legal but I'll worry about that latter. The guys were finishing performing their song, then would be the fan interaction time, you didn't have much time left.

“Seo Joon what’s the clock time?” You yelled while un-hacking and sending.

“A minute 26 moon, what do we do?” He asked concerned.

 You looked over at Hyungsik and he was scared, yes we were trained for this but it never really happened before. You looked at the boys and knew if you didn't take care of this now you wouldn't be able to get to Bangtang in time to protect them.

“What's the backup power connected to?” You asked the person you were helping.

“Just the main security system and lights.” They said nervously.

“Not the stage screens or music?” You asked. “Answer!”

“No no just the lights ma’am.”

“Cut the power” you whispered. “Cut the power!”

“Moon 30 seconds!” Hyungsik asked.

 You ran to your laptop and sent a virus that would automatically shut down the power and now all you could do is wait. Seo Joon and Hyungsik walked up to you grabbing your hands and watched the timer go down.

 At 3 seconds the power finally went down. And the backup power was on for the guys to do the fan interact.


“Yeah!” The guys grabbed you and hugged you.

 The people in that office room thing seemed happy too and cheered making you laugh.

“Ok now we get Bangtang and their stylist out of the site of the screens till we see if the person gave up.” You thought for a minutes. “Is there a way we can finish the concerts manually?”

“Yes but that'll take about 15 minutes to set up.” A lady said.

“Ok let’s go get started then! They'll be distracted.” You said grabbing your laptop.

“Moon!” Seo Joon grabbed your hand. “What if Bangtang sees you working with the sound crew? They'll know you've been helping them.”

“Where's Daisy?” You asked.

 While the sound crew was starting to set up you found Daisy.

“Wow, you think just because I'm a secret agent stylist I just have all kinds of different wigs and clothes on me?” You nodded. “I'm glad I'm great at my job come here!”

 She gave you a long purple to pink faded wig and gave you a sweat suit to tuck your dress into. She gave you sunglasses and a hat and sent you out to hi help the crew. The guys just put on hats and oversized coats to match the crew.

“How far are we?” You asked Hyungsik.

“Damn, the clothes look like you but the hair?” You gave him a death glare. “They said it'll take another 10 minutes!”

“Is there anyway we can speed this up? Bangtang still doesn't know about the power out, we need to hurry.” You asked.

“Moon send someone to tell them the screens are down, they'll get suspicious.” Seo Joon said.

“Do I do a convincing pretty sweet stage worker accent?” You asked in a high pitch voice with a little slur as you spoke.

“Go get em tiger!” Seo Joon said helping them set up.

 You put on a headset and face mask and walked out on stage keeping your head down. You called for Rap Monster instead of Namjoon and walked towards each other.

“Hello Mr. Uh Monster, we’re have some technical problems with like the screen, they'll be off for the rest of the like concert.” You said cringing at yourself.

“Oh that's too bad, I'll tell the other members.” Thank you Namjoon for being so patient.

“We are like soups sorry for the like inconvenience.” You bowed and ran back stage ditching the headset and mask. “How much longer crew?”

“We’re almost done Miss. Moon.” One of them said.

“Thank god.” You started helping and once you're all finished the boys were ready to perform.

“We did it, the boys are safe, we should get the video and link to the team back home.” Seo Joon said playing his arm around your shoulder.

“Not just yet,” you said looking at him. “Let's find out what info they had on us first”

 He nodded, while the guys performed you gave the things back to Daisy and you made your way back to the studio with all the people you worked with. At the end of the concert you gathered them together to talk to them.

“I'd like to thank you all for taking care of the boys and putting up with us. The KCIA is very appreciated and we'd like to donate 100k to the arena.” You said and the cheered. “Thank you for being agents for a day.” With that you left, the boys were already gone home and you drove back with the guys.

 When you got back there everyone was asleep. You could hear Hobi snoring and you woke Jungkook up when you got in the bed.

“Moon-ah.” He mumbled grabbing you to cuddle.

“Sleep tight Kookie.” You said cuddling back with him.

 The last two days here were normal, the guys and I decided to wait till we left to Indonesia to look at the video. Once settled in the hotel I went with the guys to their room. The room arrangements were pretty much the same except Yoongi and Hobi were with Jin and Namjoon and Jungkookie and I had Tae and Chim Chim.

“So did you break the source code?” Hyungsik asked sitting next to you.

“Yeah, it was strange, whoever planted it didn't put a defined lock on it. Anyone could have opened it.” You said plugging in your laptop to the tv modiner.

“An amicher hacker?” Seo Joon asked.

“I don't know, why would some random hacker want to expose us as team?” You said uploading the file.

“This couldn't be due to recklessness, they obviously knew they’d be going against top agent line hackers.” Hyungsik explain.

“Unless they wanted us to stop them and watch the video.” Seo Joon said.

“Then why go to such lengths to show us a video with the risk of getting caught and going to federal prison?” Hyungsik asked.

“Well we're about to find out.” The file uploaded and the video started to play.

 The video was of you and the guys a

previous spots WITHOUT Bangtang, but more importantly they showed you and Seo Joon. All the times and moments of you two hugging and holding hands, some of you two cuddling and acting the way you usually do. The ones of you and Hyungsik were of you two holding hands and play fighting.

“I don't get it.” You said walking to your laptop.

“What don't you get? He has all of us in uniform and on camera.” Hyungsik said.

“No, pay attention. There's a video of you and me, Seo Joon and Me, and even me just out.” You said speeding up the video.

“There aren't videos of just me and Hyungsik, they wanted to expose y/n but used us to expose you.” Seo Joon explained.

“But why use these videos?” Hyungsik asked.

“There ones of us in uniform, isn't that why?” Seo Joon asked.

“No not that, these are all videos of y/n when's she's all happy and soft with us, or with other males.” Hyungsik explain.

“Who ever wanted to expose you y/n wasn't trying to expose you as only an agent.” Seo Joon said.

“What else would they want to expose her for, she's close with her team, that's all I see in these videos.” Hyungsik asked.

“Because they want everyone to think I'm taken.” You pulled up the last part of the video.

 The end of the video was pictures of you with the guys, and other male friends but there faces were colored out. The male friend faces were just crossed out but Hyung Sik's face was intensely colored out in red and Seo Joon's face was written ‘she's not yours’.

“Damn.” Seo Joon said sitting on his bed. “But it must be someone who's obsessed with you y/n, any ex’s or a break up that didn't go well in the past?”

“Seo Joon I've never had a boyfriend before, I've never had a relationship, I haven't even had my first kiss.” You explained.

“But you kissed Star before.” Hyungsik said sitting down.

“On the cheek, I've never kissed a guy on the lips...I’m straight but I've never kissed anyone before...I’ve never really taken a liking to anyone, I wouldn't even know how that feels.” You Explain.

“Whether she has or not” he said standing up sitting next to you and placing an arm around your shoulder. “He's obviously out to get her in some form.”

“It's not like I care, as long as this don't hurt the boys I'll be fine.” You said unplugging your things.

“Y/n you could be in danger, he knows you.” Hyungsik said helping you.

“Those were all photos in Korea, we’re on tour, I'm sure we can just wait till I get back and inform boss about it later, I'll send the video to him tonight.” They nodded and you left back to your room.

Yoongi’s Pov:

 He was coming out of the bathroom when he heard Moon’s name coming from Hobi and the boys.

“I'm telling you, Moon is his such his type, I don't understand why he hasn't at least talked to her since we were in Korea and she got sick.” Hope said.

“The whole time we were there she uh” he coughed. “Didn't need to try to make me fall for her at least .”

“Hey Yoongi's in the bathroom he’ll hear you.” He heard hope groan, Jin must have hit him. “It's obviously they’re perfect for each other, but she seems to be interested in her bodyguards.”

“The last three days she was with them, but she honestly doesn't look interested in them.” Yoongi smiled to himself he knew he couldn't be the only one to notice that. “She is down with her body guards now though.”

 Yoongi opened the door and grabbed his coat making his way to the door.

“Where are you going?” Namjoon asked.

“For a walk.”

“Let me go with you!” Jin yelled.

“Why?” Yoongi asked turning to look at Jin.

“Because ‘You Never Walk Alone’ haha!” Yoongi picked up a pillow and threw it at Jin before leaving.

 He ran down the hall and was about to knock on the door of Moon’s bodyguards but stopped when he heard her talk and placed his ear on the door instead.

“Seo Joon I've never had a boyfriend before, I've never had a relationship, I haven't even had my first kiss.” Yoongi was surprised.

“But you kissed Star before.” Yoongi herd Hyungsik say and got a little mad.

“On the cheek, I've never kissed a guy on the lips...I’m straight but I've never kissed anyone before...I’ve never really taken a liking to anyone, I wouldn't even know how that feels.” Yoongi pulled away and ran back to his room. So that's why.

Y/N’s Pov:

 You sat with the boys and played some overwatch with them for a while. After a while the boys got hungry and we all ate downstairs, but the buys stayed in their room to eat.

“Where are the guys?” Jungkook whispered as he asked you.

“Eating in their room so they can be wired.” You laughed.

“So what happened last week?” Jungkook asked.

 You mouthed the words later and sat to talk with the others. Jin was talking about the food, and Namjoon was laughing at him. Jimin and Tae were pretty hungry but kept up with most of the conversation.

“So you like your first tour?” Tae asked.

“I definitely would go on a another tour with you guys.” You said wiping your mouth.

“You should!” Tae shouted.

“Yeah having you on tours really nice!” Hobi said.

“Yeah we only ever had our staff.” Jin added.

“Maybe by our next tour you'll have your shop and can go with us?” Namjoon said drinking from his glass.

“Guys I'd really love to honestly but uh” you looked at Kookie and saw him frown a little. “I'll do the best I can to get to your next tour.”

 He looked up and smiled at you, and you weren't lying, you'd go to their show in Korea, maybe not as Moon, or as Y/n, but you'd go to watch your boys.

 The rest of the stay there only last about 5 days. The boy performed in the Mall of Asia Arena and it went smoothly. The boys are always so calm before a concert then go full out to make their fans happy. I'm proud of them.

 I'm not proud of whoever told the flight attendant that I like to be on my phone no matter how much they tell me to put it on airplane mode. The lady took almost all my technology. I wasn't gonna use it anyway but then she moved my seat, I ended up sitting with Tae and Jin, which wasn't so bad but it still pissed me off. Hong Kong please treat me and the boys well.

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