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Sorry about not positng cards this week! just a lot of stuff happened this week and it all started monday! So this is a story of how my week has been
So monday was all fine till around 11am a customer at my work came and started swearing at me about me ask for his student ID, since the students at my school has to show us their ID as they check things out from where I work. So this student starts swearing at me because I asked for his ID, because apparently I haven't asked that last two times he'd checked out ot me...when I don't remember that at all... so you know what I'd wanted to do
I wanted to slap him! But I was at work so couldn't
So he comes back to me still swearing because apparently He's yelling at me because he says "you're getting my time date wrong and is causing me late fee's" first, I wouldn't do that because if he's not late he's not... The thing I hate about customer service is that people treat you like crap and we're just trying to do our job....
but then I calmed down then started to think if it really was my fault....
and because of me thinking that way it started to affect me and i started to not feel well
Even if you tell me to "don't let it bother you" to be honest those things actually do and it makes me feel sick and can't eat.....with that note
I live with my mom and her bf that think I eat to much and they think i'm fat and force me to go on a diet that i'm not wanting to do.....if you have to go on a diet that should be on your terf not because someone told you to...and because of them doing this to me, i'm eating less of food, losing weight because of not eating a lot and its making me not feel that well either....*sighs* Family should be supportive....not judging you of what you do and eat... (this has been happening for a month now)
But don't worry guys i'll still be here and making cards...again sorry for being absent this week and i'll try to do better to make up for it.

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I also work in customer service but whenever a customer starts bitching about something I just picture Lugia using Sky Drop on them and I start visibly cracking up in laughter. ^-^!
If you ever need help and want me to take over for a bit, I'm just a message away 😆😆
Thanks! I'll message you if I need you to take over