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Hello and welcome to Moonbin day!

This week let's talk about what got you into Astro.
~What was your first Astro MV?
~Your first impression?
~Who was your first potential bias upon first glance?
~Who's your current bias and bias wrecker?
~What's your current favorite MV and non-title track by them?
Please leave how you got into them below in the comments I'd love to know!!!!
My first Astro MV was their debut video for Hide and Seek. However I didn't get fully into them until I heard one of their non-title tracks which I'll mention later on.
My first impression was that "they were so adorably cute!"
Upon first glance I couldn't choose between Eunwoo, Moonbin, and Rocky.
My current bias is Moonbin!! My bias wrecker being the one and only Cha Eunwoo!
My favorite music video of their's is their Breathless one!
And finally my favorite non-title track, which also happens to be the song that got me into them! It is Innocent Love/First Love.


Please let me know what got you into Astro in the comments!


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My favorite non title track is first/innocent love too!!!
It's literally the best song I've ever heard!