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So you all probably know that BTS has been on tour since February, hitting cities all over Japan, South America, Australia, and North America.
They are scheduled to end their concert in Seoul in December, but that leaves about 4 month unplanned!

They recently announced that they will be adding more tour dates and cities to the second part of the tour!

A lot of fans are begging for Europe (and I really hope that’s the case!) but fans are also hoping they will return to places they’ve already been so that they can get a chance to see the boys - 50k fans tried to get into the Brazil show but there were only 14k seats available!

No word yet as to where - but keep your eyes open for updates!

I'm going to be hated for this but bts needs rest instead of going on tours
@SimplyAwkward i hope its not A LOT more - maybe 2 or 3 shows that will take up a week or two of their time then they can do their comeback and rest for a month or two then do their December shows, but i doubt it...
I want them to come to Ohio but I also want them to rest so cuz they have been on tour since FEBRUARY kinda feel bad for asking them to come back to America😢
if they comeback next year I'm going idc I will make it to them!
I want them to come to Florida
Ps plz keep us posted and tag me I would love to know what dates they might add
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