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Chrissy’s POV

Even as I finished applying my foundation, hints of my acne were visible. I looked in the mirror and liked how the uniform from Sushibang felt on me. Guess I was officially official over there.

It was 10:07 AM, if I left within a few minutes I could make it to work on time. I absolutely HATE being late. Since my dad had already left for work, I'd have to ask my mom to take me to work…. Which is never fun. From down the hall, I could already hear her on the phone with one of her friends complaining about anything and everything she possibly could.

I closed my eyes and gulped before I asked her. “Mom, dad already left. Can you take me to work?” Her facial expression changed as she looked at me.
“Where you work with all those boys?” She asked me. I didn't know exactly how to answer her. I was honest when she asked me about my new job. Instead of being proud of me for being a strong woman, she called me a slut for working with guys. At the same time, she worried about my safety. It frustrated me, if any of them tried anything on me, I could knock them out. But all my mom viewed me as was weak.
“I have to be there in about 20 minutes. Can we go?” I said.
“Sure, let me stop everything I'm doing to get you to work this very second because you can't inform me before you need to go.” She said loudly, laughing at whatever her friend said on the phone.
“Okay, Terri I have to take Chrissy. I'll call you later.” She said and hung up.
“I have to shower first.” My mom said, rolling off the bed and walking to the bathroom.
“Mom You don't need to shower just to drop me off. I'll be late.”
“Why can't you just get your license so no one has to keep driving you around?!?”She yelled. I rolled my eyes when I was out of view. Now I'm going to be late. It was 10:22 By the time my mom got out of the shower. Of course, she had to put lotion on her legs and adorn her body with her overpriced jewelry before she would walk to the car.

“You're driving.” she said. At least I'd get practice. I've driven to work many times with my dad. I pulled out of the driveway. I had driven about five minutes when my mom started screaming.
“STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!!”She screamed.
“It didn’t even beep, mom!” I yelled back, stressed out as I was trying to focus on the road. There was a safety feature on the car that would beep if I drifted over too much. When I looked over my shoulder to check my blind spot before switching lanes, she screamed at me to focus on the road.
“I need to check my blind spot, mom!” I yelled. Why can’t I do anything without her freaking out?
“Why can’t you do anything right?!” She yelled. Her words honestly hurt me more than they should have. I got used to her always saying crap like that to me. But I’ve had it. This trip couldn’t end fast enough.
When I finally pulled up behind Sushibang, it was 10:48… I was almost 20 minutes late. I got out of the car finally and looked at my phone to see a text from Jimin.
“Since you've been here a couple weeks and have the flow of things, Namjoon said I could have today off. Good luck on your own!!”

I put down my phone and almost cursed. I'm VERY late on my first day alone. Everything will be okay as long as Yoongi isn't there because he’d chew me out, which is the exact opposite of what I need right now. This is the one time I'm hoping he's being lazy.

When I opened the door, I saw Yoongi getting ice, which was MY job. He immediately looked up at me, the anger burning in his eyes.
“What, you think this job is a joke? Why the freak are you this late?!” He yelled before I was even completely inside the building.
“Sorry, I don’t have a car and had to wait on my mothe-”
“I don’t need your gosh dang excuses.” He said, slamming the cooler of ice down so hard it caused me to jump. Hoseok froze in the kitchen and looked at us, and even Jin looked inside the kitchen from the sushi bar.
“You scared little girl…” He muttered before raising his voice at me again.
“How old are you? 15? You don’t know how to get ready on time?” He asked me. Yoongi was so angry at me, and I felt like crap inside. Why was Yoongi so harsh on me specifically? He’s late all the time! And when one of the boys is late, he just shrugs it off like it’s nothing.

“You know, I can literally do ANYONE’s job here. I have a sushi license, food handlers license, bartending license, a degree in business, but I’m only doing YOUR job!” He scolded loudly.

I was simply late. It’s not like I was purposely lazy, I wasn't disrespectful, and I was in perfect uniform. I wanted to punch him in that sharp jaw of his and pour hot water down his throat. I wanted to yell back, I wanted to tow him off, but this is the exact same thing I faced at home every day with my mom. I’m used to his bullcrap. I bet he thought I was about to cry or something, I know he wasn’t expecting my response.
“Are you done?” I asked him. He looked at me speechless for a second.
“I gotta get to work.” I said, walking past him.

Yoongi’s POV

There’s no such thing as a woman that can actually do anything. That stupid Chrissy girl isn’t nearly as good as any man could be at her job. My uncle won’t let me have control over hiring or firing people, so, unfortunately, all I can do is be mean to her to make her quit. I’m so tired of all this stress of being around a girl, I need a break.

I had closed my eyes for about 45 seconds when I heard something crash. I leaped off the cot in the office to see what it was.

“Crap!” Taehyung yelled. I walked around to the dishwashing station to see one of our expensive wine glasses shattered on the floor, along with blood drops.
“Ahh…” Taehyung moaned, looking at his hands. They were bleeding relentlessly.
“Oh my gosh Tae, what happened? Are you alright?” I asked him, concerned.
“I don’t know, there’s still glass in my hands.” He wailed, looking at his hands in despair. I heard running steps and turned to see Chrissy and Namjoon.
“Taehyung! What the heck, are you okay?!?” Chrissy nearly screamed.
“You’re bleeding way too much! What are you guys doing!? Namjoon get the first aid kit!” She yelled. Who the heck was she to tell Namjoon what to do? He obeyed and grabbed it from the office.
“Chrissy get outside! We don’t need you messing anything up.” I ordered her. She completely ignored me and grabbed Taehyungs shoulders, ushering him into the office.
“Why the crap are you taking him in here?!” I asked her.
“Because it’s health risk to be bleeding like that around the dishware. If inspection came in we could get shut down. I’ll go clean up the blood on the floor. Where’s the bleach??” She asked.
“It’s behind the soap on top of the ice machine.” Namjoon informed. Chrissy ran out of the office.

By the time five minutes had passed, Taehyung’s hands were still gushing out blood.
“I’m so sorry Yoongi… it just broke in my hands, I have no idea what happened...” he sobbed.
“Tae you’re fine, you’re working hard. We’re not even busy. The two tables just left.” Namjoon comforted. I sat next to Taehyung and gave him a new rag because the one he already had was stained crimson red from his hand. I was really worried, the bleeding should have slowed down by now, and there’s still a big chunk that’s stuck in his palm.
“Yoongi hyung… I think I need to go the hospital.” He said softly. He was definitely right. But who was going to wash the dishes while I took him to the hospital?
“I’ll take you, Yoongi can you handle the dishes? It’s a Thursday so we might get really busy.” Namjoon asked.
“Yeah, I think it’s better you take him there anyway.” I said.
Guess I was being dishwasher Yoongi today. But that’s alright, every dish I wash will be shining. However, instead of hiding in the office, I’ll have to see that girls face all night.

Jin’s POV

The day ran surprisingly smoothly despite everything that happened. The only thing that was really rough was Taehyung hurting his hand.
“One Cherry Blossom and one Baked Salmon roll~” Chrissy called from the portal as she entered the order in. This was the final table left before closing.
Today we had had at least 20 tables by the time it was 6:30 pm, and without Taehyung, Jimin, or Namjoon, the four of us were running around like athletes. I observed that Chrissy was stressed, but she got through the rush, and every customer left happy.

“Hey what are the gross sales so far for today?” I asked her. She went to the portal and looked through the numbers.
“We made about 1800 so far.” She said. I was happy that customers enjoyed my sushi enough to buy 1800 dollars of it. Chrissy gave me an air-five and cheered me on. She was certainly cute and nice, but not my type because she’s too independent. I want a girl who can lean on me, one I can take care of.
Cherry Blossom is a good roll for legitimate sushi lovers, it has raw salmon on the inside and raw tuna on the top. It’s also an expensive roll for our restaurant because we have it priced at 11$ and make only about a 30% profit on it. At other places, the same exact roll would be $13-$16, but that's why people come to Sushibang to eat. We price our food reasonably, even if it means less profit.

I really don’t know much about the financial side of things because making the sushi is time-consuming enough in itself, and working with numbers is far from my forte. My passion in this restaurant is making the delicious and high-quality food for our customers. My job is very important because unlike other chefs, sushi chefs do all of our preparation and food making in the eyes of all the customers. Any mistake, any unclean moment, any rude looking facial expression I make, and we have a 1-star review online.

Today we sold a lot of tuna and yellowtail sushi, so I need to save what we have of those for tomorrow. I’ll make the staffs something with salmon and eel today. Eel is expensive and yummy, so everyone will be happily surprised. After I made the rolls, I went into the kitchen to see what Hoseok and Yoongi were doing. Poor Yoongi had at least four more buckets of dishes to clean from what I saw since the rush had just left.
“Hoseok what are you making for dinner?” I asked.
“I think I’m going to make some salad with a ginger apple dressing.” He said. The lettuce would compliment the eel well.
“That will be excellent.” I approved.

Dinner with everyone was less lively without Taehyung, and the conversation was not as directed without Namjoon and his intellect.

“Geez, I hope Tae is alright. That was an ugly cut he had.” Hoseok said before stuffing his mouth with salad.
“I know, I’m so worried!” Chrissy responded.
“He’s definitely hurt, but I doubt it’s very serious.” I said. All of us felt heavy, even Yoongi. Yoongi acts like he doesn’t care, and many times he truly doesn’t, but when it comes to us, he cares. I know that even though he’s being quiet right now, his mind is racing. I was about to add onto my statement when my phone rang. It was Namjoon. I immediately answered, putting him on speaker.

“Namjoon, what’s the result?” I asked. Everyone was on the edge of their seats and silent, anticipating what Namjoon was about to say.
“Tae just got out of surgery. The nurse said that while no major arteries or tendons were cut, his hand is still in a bad condition. They gave him stitches and a lot of pain medication. He has to take a month off to rest his hand.” He informed us. The result was both good news and bad news to hear. Good news because Taehyung was not permanently injured, but unfortunate because the glass cut deep enough for him to even need surgery.
“Is Taehyung awake yet?” I asked.
“He’s awake but-”
“GAAAHH!!!” We all jumped a little at the sudden noise from the phone.
“But what? Was that Tae??” Hoseok asked.
“But he’s not exactly in a sane condition. The anesthesia did a number on him.” Namjoon informed us.
“Didn’t think Taehyung could actually get weirder.” Yoongi asserted, speaking for the first time since we all sat down for dinner. Despite the rough situation, we all smiled a little.
“Why is there sushi rice stuck on my hand?!?!” Taehyungs voice cried from the other line.
“That's not sushi Tae, it’s cotton.” Namjoon explained to him. By then we were all laughing.
“Namjoon please video this.” Chrissy laughed. “We need to blackmail him with it.” She joked.
“Well Namjoon, your hands are full so we’ll let you go.” I said.
“See you guys tomorrow.” He said before ending the call.

Well, guess this means we need a new dishwasher, at least temporarily.

Jimin’s POV

Of course, my day off is the day all the crazy stuff happened at work. Thankfully, Tae is fine. That darn kid is just a couple months younger than me but I swear working with him is like babysitting sometimes. He has a good heart and good work ethic, he’s just not focused enough to work to his full potential.

I wasn’t surprised when I got a text from Yoongi at about 10:30 PM that night asking me to come over to his place; he gets lonely even though he lives with his family. I drove to his house and when I got there I keyed in the garage code to get inside.

I waltzed on into his room to see him laying on his bed scrolling through his phone. He didn’t even acknowledge my entrance, but that’s just Yoongi. I sat next to him on the bed and hummed a song, waiting for him to say something. When 30 seconds of silence had passed, I elbowed him right in the ribs. He yelled and tried to hit me back, but I dodged. He charged at me again and I dodged again, falling off the bed with a loud and hard thud. We both bursted out laughing until his door creaked open.

“Hello, Jimin.” It was Yoongi’s mom. She was literally the most confusing person I had ever met. She was kinda nice but kinda weird. I couldn’t tell if she was super stressed out all the time or if she was just naturally tense looking. Her makeup was always on, no matter what time I saw her, and she was always dressed neatly. It was almost like she never slept or showered, she was just magically always clean and made-up.

“Oh, hi Mrs. Min!” I greeted in return.

“Mom our sales at the restaurant were 20% higher than last Thursday and there were only four people working there today because Taehyung got hurt and Namjoon drove him to the hospital. It was crazy!” Yoongi said at the sight of his mother. It saddened me every time I saw Yoongi try to talk to his mom, because every time he tried to talk to her, she only wanted to talk about herself, not caring about anything Yoongi says or did. She only damaged him more and more.

“Your dad and I are probably going to the Czech Republic next week for a business meeting. If we leave you’ll have to take care of the house. Make sure my car is in the garage the entire time.” She said. Yoongi rolled his eyes and turned over on his bed, facing the opposite direction. She smiled at me and left, not even closing the door behind her. I got up and shut it.
“That lady is so dense she’d sink in concrete.” Yoongi said. I hated to agree with the fact, but he was right.
“I work harder each day than she’s ever worked in her life, yet she still asks me to do her own work for her.” Yoongi added. I just quietly nodded my head.

There was nothing I could say. I changed the subject to ask about the dramatic increase of the sales of the restaurant. It wasn’t a holiday season, and a lot of people were out of town on vacation. The amount of customers we are gaining is absurd, in a good way.

“The restaurant has everything it needs to succeed: teamwork among the staff, good location, good food, good prices, and a nice ambiance.” Yoongi explained to me. I was playfully offended at his statement.
“Ahheem???” I fake-cleared my throat.
“The service is alright I guess.” Yoongi joked.
“Whatever hyung! I make more in tips than you do in your salary!” I argued back.
“I’m just upset that there’s a girl working with us now!” Yoongi turned the conversation around. Why did he always wind up mentioning her? She hadn’t done anything to disturb the business and in fact, her service to the customers was better than mine sometimes. He claimed to hate her, but with the frequency of times he brings her up, you’d think it was the opposite.

Hoseok’s POV

“In 100 feet, turn left onto Pepperbush Drive” My GPS ordered. Chrissy had told me all about what had happened the day before, her mother freaking out on her, her having to be late, but she didn’t have to tell me about all the crap with Yoongi. I really love Yoongi, he’s like my brother, but I can’t stand how rude he is to her. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it because convincing Yoongi of anything or trying to change his stubborn mind is like trying to teach a cat to do tricks; it’s not gonna happen. Chrissy was a strong woman... I would have quit the job if Yoongi treated me like that.

When I turned and stopped in front of Chrissy’s house, she was already waiting outside.
“Welcome to my car.” I declared.
“Oh, why thank you, kind sir.” She said in response as she buckled her seatbelt. She looked over at me and smiled before I started driving.
“What?” I voiced. She looked at me with honest eyes and a smile that I couldn’t exactly figure out. Was she planning something? Was she about to say something funny? Was she... flirting with me?
“What, I can’t just look at you Jhope?” She yapped back.
“Why are you looking at me!?” I laughed. Now I was the one smiling, hoping she wouldn’t notice that I was blushing.
“It’s too early in the morning for me to come up with witty responses, let's just get to work.” She said. I laughed again and drove off.

“What did your mom say about me taking you to work today?” I asked her, curious. I already knew it wouldn’t be good.
“She told me that she couldn’t believe she raised me to be such a horrible girl by getting in cars alone with boys and stuff.” She said. I was unhappy at that, she’s always under a verbal attack from her mother.
“What the heck? What is her problem??” I expressed.
“She doesn’t have a problem, she IS a problem.” Chrissy corrected.
“You need to just move out. I know you don't have a car or license but that can change.” I said.
“You’re telling me that like I don't already want to get out. I’ve been saving my every penny toward getting an apartment and car.” She explained to me. Then it dawned on me.
“Chrissy, why don’t you just move out of there and move in with me? I’ve been needing a roommate! You won’t have to deal with your witch of a mom anymore and you can just ride with me to work every day!” I offered. After saying that I immediately regretted it…. I sounded so creepy! Why did I say that? Oh my gosh.
“I would but… how? What about my stuff? My parents can’t know I’m moving. I also would need to get my own phone plan.” She said. I was taken back a bit because she seemed to actually be going with my idea. Wait, so she wasn’t creeped out by me?

“On your day off, just act like you’re working and leave. When your parents are gone for work, quickly pack your stuff and get out!! You know how to drive, right?” I asked, feeling like a genius.
“Yes, oh my gosh…. would you let me borrow your car??” She asked, the intensity in the car was building as I could feel the happiness inside of Chrissy.
“Yes!” I exclaimed, also excited. I was going to rescue Chrissy from her situation and she’d never have to suffer from her mother again.
“Great!!! Just give me a couple days to pre-pack some things and take all my stuff out of the drawers. Can we do it Monday? I think I’m off then.” She planned out loud.
“Well, YOU can. I can’t. I’m working all day on Monday.” I answered.
“Oh… I can do it by myself then. It will be fine.” She figured.
“You can do it Chrissy, I believe in you.” I said, pumping one of my fists. She looked at me and smiled like she did earlier again.
“What?!” I asked, again.

Author POV

Hoseok picked Chrissy up from her house, and Chrissy lied to her parents that she was going to work all day. As soon as Hoseok got to the restaurant, he got out of the car and tossed Chrissy the keys.
“You got this. See you at my apartment tonight girl, alright? Call if you need anything.” He told her before she got in his car and drove away.

Chrissy was thankful to arrive home to an empty house. Just as she planned, everyone had left for work. She wasted no time rushing to her room and throwing all the clothes hanging in her closet into a plastic tub she had bought and hidden for that day. The tub was so heavy that she just pushed it down the hallway and out the garage door. She struggled to lift the tub into the trunk of Jhopes car, but she eventually got it in. She was already tired, but she hustled back to her room to get her pillows and bedding. She had gotten to her car when her phone rang, it was a number she didn’t recognize.
“Hello?” Chrissy cautiously answered.
“Chrissy do you have my cell phone? I’m using my office phone.” Chrissy’s mother asked.
“No, I don’t. I’m working.” Chrissy said.
“I’ll have to run home and get it then.” She said before ending the call. A chill went down Chrissy’s spine… she had less than twenty minutes to get all of her stuff out of her house. She tried not to curse as she jolted back inside. She tried to grab all her essentials first. She had her arms full of stuff when she got to her car and saw a young guy walking by.

“Hey! I’ll give you $50 if you help me!” Chrissy was desperate and forgot any image she had built for herself. The guy paused for a second then approached her.
“What do you need help with?” He asked.
“I’m trying to move out of my horrible family’s house. I have less than twenty minutes before my mom is here. If she sees me moving she’ll stop me! Please help!” Chrissy begged, almost crying.
“Yeah, I’ll help!” He agreed. Chrissy thanked God.
“Follow me!!” Chrissy yelled, running back to her room. She told him to just grab anything, not to worry about any furniture or what’s in the bottom drawer. The two of them grabbed stuff and ran back and forth between Hoseok’s car. The entire trunk was full to the max, so they started putting everything in the back seat. All of Chrissy’s clothes, sheets, shoes, and important papers were packed. They only had her miscellaneous things like electronics and beauty products left. The guy grabbed her laptop, speakers, and headphones and Chrissy grabber her makeup and as many of her music albums that she could fit in her arms.

Despite being in a huge rush, she was super careful with her albums; not throwing them in the car like everything else.
“That should be just about everything.” She said, but when she turned around he was gone. Had he ran off with her laptop??? Chrissy almost cursed again as she opened the front door to the car and started to pull out of the driveway. She had no time to sit and cry about her stolen things. She stopped when she saw him running back out of the house with the rest of her albums. She thanked God again and reached over to open the passenger door.
“Get in, Let's go!” She ordered. The guy got in and before he had even gotten to shut the door, Chrissy had slammed on the gas and was out of there.

“Dang man, you really saved my butt back there. Once I part somewhere I’ll give you your money.
“It’s fine, you don't need to pay me.” He said. Chrissy stopped at a red light and finally got a chance to look at his face, and she was glad she did, because good gosh he was a looker. He had pitch black hair, pierced ears, and a smooth but masculine face.
“I’m Chrissy, whats your name?”
“I’m Jungkook.”
AAAAAAAAAND that’s chapter 2 peeps. Sorry, I’m a slow uploader... I overthink my writing too much. I need to chill and just write but that's just a pipe dream for me hahaha

BTW What do yall think of Taehyung as a dishwasher? I can totally see him being a fun dishwasher somewhere as a part time job if he wasn't famous :P

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~Chapter two~
Chapter three: Coming soon!

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