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First of all I would like to
apologize for not posting on time. I've been busy with work and just things have been tough for me lately. I'm really sorry this is late. This weeks theme is color aesthetics! So
see what Inseong has in stored for us! I had chosen to go with the color red and black! Especially since I really love how the color looks on him. He really does know how to make a color his!
But in reality any color on Inseong definitely suits him! I hope you enjoyed this mini card, see you next Thursday with more Inseong! TAGLIST:The Sensation Feeling Squad @YulaGyeom -MOD @IsoldaPazo @yehetmyohorAt97 @jjrockstar @KenyaMendoza @JarviaKlipka @alltimerejectx Sensational Feeling Fam @MelissaGarza @TerraToyaSi @JaxomB @Lexxcisco @Banitu @StarlightV @EvilGenius @miruchii @luvella18 @twistedPuppy @SierraBecerra @LiyahBoon @adritae @LemonLassie @SweetDuella @destiny1419 @Sailynn @XergaB20 @MBLAQSA @alltimerejectx @sukkyongwanser @otakukpoper
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He looks sooo good! Love your card!! And its ok if u late.