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We got out of the car from the parking lot and headed towards the entrance of the store. As you stepped inside past the entrance, you could see a row packed with many dresses for future brides to be. All elegant in their own way. "Right this way Mrs. Min " pointing towards another hallway to our right. "This will be your personal changing room, we will bring out your dress momentarily" she said, bowing with a gentle smile, and exiting the fitting room. I looked around the place searching for something I know I wouldn't find. Yup him, will he even make it to our date. If he doesn't it will be the third time he's cancelled on me. When will he make time for me? Namjoon noticed how anxious I was, thinking I was hidding it well enough not to be notice. Although this is Namjoon, he pays attention to the smallest action someone takes. "Deep breathes Y/N" rubbing my back in circular motion. To my surprise It helped ease some of the worries I brought with me. I'm glad he tagged along with us. Although It's not like he had a choice. "Thanks Namjoon, for those words of wisdom", I said playfully hitting his shoulder. "No one but me baby" He said, letting out a small chuckle. "Mrs. Min, we have the dress ready for you. If you have any problems kindly let us know and we will do anything in our power to fix it" she said while hanging the dress in an empty clothing rack. Wow, was it only me or did the dress appeared to be different. "Y/N darling it's not the dress. You're letting it get the best of you. Now come on try it on." I grabbed the dress carefully from the rack into the changing room. Holding it to a full view of it. Simple but elegant, just my type of dress. Taking off my jacket, white shirt, and skinny jeans. Okay last chance until the final day. Here we go. Carefully placing it above my head, prepared to wiggle myself into it, but to my surprise I slipped right in, a perfect fit. With a single sigh of relief. I turned around, opening the two grey curtains separating me from the view of my mother and Namjoon. I couldn't keep them waiting on the other side, I opened the curtains revealing my weeding dress. Mother wasn't holding back tears. "Look at you Y/N, from being treated like a princess to actually looking like one" I wiped some of her tears with my shirt, completely forgetting Namjoon was also there. "Joonie, what do you think?" I asked, throwing air kisses his way. "G-Gorgeous Y/N, you definitely make that dress look good" Stunned by that sudden compliment almost making me fall on my bottom. Before I could even say anything else my mother beat me to it. "Mr. Kim, that's not an appropriate thing to say to a lady" with a Stern cold stare. Okay that was even more unexpected. I had to break the tension among the two. "Let's go celebrate come on, don't forget I need to pick up some jewelry to complete the whole bridal appearance" To my surprise It worked, but it's not like I was faking It. I really do need to get myself something pretty for this dress. ********************* Namjoon (Back story) It's only been five years since I was first introduce to Y/N's father. I was running away from a rival gang. We planned to take over their turf but somehow the word got out. On the day we were going to execute out plan they, who shall not be named ambushed our head quarters. It became a life or death rumble, there was no in between. They wanted to make sure we were out, for good. I couldn't let that happen so we fought until blood was drawn. Jin and I forced Jimin and V to safety. A place no one would find in this big city. J-hope and Jungkook were already there waiting for our signal that will never come. At least we were able to hold off the enemy, long enough for them to escape safely. Truth be told, it's a blur to me now only recollecting bits and pieces of that event. What I am sure of is that MORON of a chauffeur running me over. I woke up a week later in the hospital with a broken arm and bruised legs. A man walked Into the room and introduced himself. "Hello young man you can call me Mr. Jong" I interrupted before he could continue. " Where's the moron who hit me? His response was short but he went right to his point. "Fired, and don't worry about the expenses I've taken care of them, but I'm here to make a sweet deal you won't refuse" I appreciate that but I have to go to my family. But what kind of deal do you want to make, with someone like me? "Well son, you might not remember but I witness the way you defended yourself, let's just say almost like a pro. Would you by any chance had any training of some sort?" Well Mr. Jong I was trained by the streets. So it's either you learn or you will LEARN.... "Ahh I see, well hear me out on this." As he kept talking I was starting to feel a little more comfortable with the idea of guarding this man's child. Mr. Jong was the man who offered me a "home", well more of a safe Haven. 5 months have passed, with the recovery making me feel brand new, but now I had to met up with Mr. Jong. I gathered the very few things I had and I left to the address he had written down. I had no clue if I were to trust him, would he follow through with the countless of promises he's made me? Who's to say hes only doing this to gain my trust for something worse. Not on my watch, I'll have to keep my guard up 24/7. Untill I can get back to my boys. "Beforehand I'll need you to sign some paperwork" he said as he searched one of the cabinets in his office. That's odd, what kind of shit did I getting myself into. The stack of papers seemed to be 50 pages at most. "Take a seat son, this might take a while" He said, as I sat back to the chair in front of his black marble custom made desk. Yes I can tell it's worth huge bucks just by the looks of it. I was assigned to be Y/N's "body guard". Although I wasn't looking forward to it in the beginning. The money made it worth wild, $900 every week. Easy all I had to do was babysit a snob-nose child, what was her name again ...? A yes Y/N. *********************** Namjoon POV "Earth to Namjoon....Earth to Namjoon...." Y/N said waving and snapping her delicate finger to "bring me back" to earth, like she'll always do every time I began to remember... that day. "Yes sweetheart" I said wanting to get a reaction our of her, which I grew to love. Y/N face turned red and pinched my shoulder as she tried to hide her face. "Come on, let's go inside" she said, dragging me out of the car by my hand. We arrived, Central Park Plaza. You could smell expensive perfume from every direction. I couldn't stand it almost wanting to turn back. But the way Y/N's eyes sparkle made it bearable. "Y/N hold it, we have to wait for your mom" I told her since I didn't want to cause any trouble, because at the end of the day I was only there to protect them. Mrs. Jong was already behind us when she muttered out "I'll let this one slide, you two have fun. We can meet up before seven alright ?" Yes ma'am as you wish. And with that Y/N and I headed towards a jewelry store. It's like she had this place memorized, For the very few times she's been here I'm impressed she remembers where the jewelry store was located. Watch over and protect. No more no less. Is what I kept reminding myself everytime I was alone with her. "Namjoon look, this one is perfect!! She said pointing to a white gold V necklace. Perfect indeed for someone of her status. "Sir, we will like to purchase this necklace" I told the sales man quickly stopping what he was previously doing. "Will that be cash or credit" he said, slowly retracting the necklace from it's original spot into a black box with silver edges. "Credit" I said and have him the Platinum credit card I was trusted with by Y/N's father. It was in case she wanted something while on my watch, so of course I wasn't going to ruin that trust. I walked back to where Y/N was looking at some Rolex that had just come out this year. I tapped her on the shoulder. "Are you ready to go Y/N", I asked making sure there was nothing else she wanted. "Wait Namjoon, I want to try on the necklace" sure no problem I said, taking out the expensive piece of jewelry from the paper bag I was given. I placed the box on Y/N's hands. As she admired the fine piece of work, then giving it back to me. "Joonie, can you put it on me" asking sweetly, making my heart jump. With a simple nod exposing my dimples. I Gently moved her hair to her left side, leaving her neck and bare back visible to my eyes. I opened the black box and picked up the necklace. Getting a little closer than usual got me a little flustered. Placing the necklace perfectly on Y/N's neck all I had to do was close it. Requiring me to get even closer to Y/N than initially planned. Almost a dream being that close to her neck I could practically kiss it... Not that I would what to ..but it was incredibly close...like it could happen but no...yea no . watch over and protect that's all I was there for. Finally bringing the two pieces together, looking better on her that it did on display alone. "Sooo...what do you think" asking as she made her dorky Victoria secret pose. "I think he's a lucky man..." I managed to let out a fake smile. "And I'm lucky to have you keeping me company, now come on let's go buy you a little something, I'm tired of seeing you in that boring monkey suit" For some reason her response brought slight joy to me, so again for the third time I allowed her to drag me wherever she wanted to go. We ended up going into a male clothing store since she wanted to see me in something else other than the "monkey suit" which is actually my uniform her dad wild pay me extra to wear as I did my job. Already she had both her hands full with some outfits she wanted me to try out. All I could do was go with the flow and let her have it her way. We entered the changing room, taking all the clothes with me as I tried every outfit one by one. Making a little modeling show out of it for Y/N's eyes only. Many jokes being cracked back and forth from the ridiculous outfits. Practically running out of clothes to try on. Many outfits ruled out until finally took her pick. "Hmmm... not to bad Y/N, maybe I should let you dress me more often" nudging her on the shoulder. "I would if you'd let me" she said rolling her eyes with a devilish smirk. "Hey I said may.." I was cut off by Y/N's abrupt stop. Then pulling me away from the restaurant we were about to enter. It looked like she has seen a ghost. "Y/N, are you alright. What happened" I was worried, I've never seen her act this way before. "Y/N, tell me what happened, what did you see ??" I asked her a second time as I held her into a tight hug. "Namjoon it was Yoongi...with another girl "