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Hello lovely ARMYs!!

Anthony here with this week's B.A.W Suga card!!
(Bangtan's ARMY Weekly)
Sorry it's late, Vingle was updating all last night.. -_-
This week's theme is 5 BTS Lyrics that describe/relate to *insert member*!!

B.A.W Complete Theme:

First Love

I really can’t do any more Every time I wanted to give up By my side you said Bastard you can really do it
In this solo song, he talks about his piano and his history. Music has always been a huge part of Yoongi's life and here it shows how hard he worked to be where he is now.


I don’t give a shit I don’t give a fuck Like I said at least hundred times a day “Don’t mind me” If I taste failure, I’ll lower my head We’re still young, we don’t have any fears
He's so humble. He won't let anything faze him and will keep pushing to achieve his goals.

Ma City

I’m the pride of Daegu, a new generation, a new wind Daegu’s past, present and future
'nough said!!! ♡

Cypher PT4

I'm always thankful, for not earning anything so easily Why is it my fault, that your life is noncommittal
So savage. This is one of my favorite lines of his so great. He worked so hard to get where he is.

Cypher PT3

Like you all know my voice turns people on Whether it be men or women My flexible tongue movements will send them to Hong Kong with my raps
Damn boy. You're right. Everytime I hear him rap.... ;-; You got us all going crazy Min Yoongi!
and he loves it...
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ah these describe him perfectly ❤❤❤❤
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😂😂 Yes!! Great minds think alike!
I love him in never mind. I look forward to his part in cypher 4 but First Love is the one I feel so much passion for. I created a program (in ice skating) for First Love and I swear his voice motivates me so much when I practice. First love is give me life.
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@warning man when non kpop fans can connect with the music and just be like "wow that was amazing" I can't help but feel proud. I played the wings album in my car when this song came on my friend asked me what the song was about and when I explained he said "wow. I was thinking while it was playing he sounds so passionate about this. now I get it." I felt so happy lol