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Great today will watch the two episodes
I watched the ep at 2am I was so sleepy but I couldn't go to sleep before I see it and it was really amazing ep I loved it the ending scene was so beautiful and I felt sad for young do when he left the party but kim tan & cha eun sung are ment for each other
@divalyclious thanks for the update. Really, this show is as everyone expect it to be, keeping us all glue to the seat..ops screen. The scriptwriter is amazingly good plus with star studded casts n all r absolutely talented right down to the housekeeper...ah..when it ends...no..could there be a sequel please..
your right @dramacrazy house of young do in US they not yet show it...omo...im excited to watch that ep...young do they do going to US also or all theme...wow...can't wait..
oh i see...so thats why they extend 2 more ep?..thats great...i want it to watch kim tan how he bully there school mate bfore...they nver show it in a ep 1 to 14...how he is so bad bfor he go to US..
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