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The second (very short part) of my concert experience.
This includes the photo op pictures, which is amazing because I was super close to the boys!! I'm not sure how I survived
The third part will be for the various videos I took but, it's taking a while and just saying the sound quality is horrible. Makes sense because I was way up in the front, where the speakers were probably located.
The first picture, which was where I almost fell and didn't have enough time to look at the picture. I was going to ask Wonho for a heart but, wasn't able to hehe.
The better picture. The girl next to me (the one by Minhyuk) actually cheated, she was supposed to be in front of Shownu. Like be happy you were able to have a picture. I mean I wasn't in front of all my biases (only Wonho). Still it was cute how close we were to them, next photo op with any idol I will make sure to do a heart with them!!!

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Also, if I have some names that are no longer relevant tell me and I will update the list!! Also anyone else who wants to be tagged!!!
@Yugykookie97 Right? She was one of the girls I met and she was soo lucky!!
Yes she really is lucky
Omg that girl that is holding I.M's hand is so lucky😭. I would've died if that was me
OMG i am so jealous! I promise i'm gonna go see them next time they come!
I was almost not going to go too because my friend wasn't going. But go girl!! Next time you are going to be there hehe👍😊