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Yoongi?... Y/N who in the hell is yoongi? I asked her trying to calm her down. "H-He is my fiance, my future husband, what is he doing there with that woman??!!!" She said, furious and confused, demanding answers you clearly didn't have. "He's supposed to be working...Namjoon what the hell is going on!?" I couldn't believe it, Y/N completely broke down infront of me. It made my body burn with anger. Wanting to break every bone in that guy's body, but right now Y/N needs me. "Come down baby girl it's alright, we will get to the bottom of this I promise" and with that, Y/N picked herself up still her arms wrapped around my waist refusing to let go. I talked to her until she finally stopped crying and slowly let loose of my waist. Who would have thought, that small thing had such strength. "I'm ready to beat her ass and Yoongi's too." she said furious at the people she just witnessed. Listen to me Y/N let's not make a scene right here, were alot of people are around and ready to record the most minimal arguments. For starters, are you 100% sure that could possibly be Yoongi??? "Well.. uhhh yea his hair color is different but yeah I-Im sure" Y/N said looking a bit uncertain. "Wait here alright" I said to Y/N whipping the last tear from her cheek. "What are you going to do Namjoon" holding on to my wrist before turning back. "We need to make sure it's him Y/N, that's all"  finally letting go of my wrist and sitting on a bench that was near us, but hidden from most of the public. I was going back to the restaurant and as expected those two were still there, but were now eating. They were having fun, a little to much fun if you ask me. I had to snap a quick picture without being noticed. I went inside, ordered two lemonades. As I waited for the perfect time...... The handsome boy flashed a gummy  smile towards the female he was with.  I decided to snap a picture since it was a perfect angle. Perfect. Mission complete, almost I still had to show Y/N to verify the man. "Here you go sir" the waiter handed me my drinks. I quickly paid and thanked him. There she was, patiently waiting and playing with her nails. That bastard is going to pay for what he's doing. That's if he is the one. "Here baby girl, I got you something sweet" I said handing her the one of the lemonades I was holding. "Did you take it" Y/N said looking forward and taking a sip from the cold beverage. "I have it right here" I said, tossing it up and down like a toy. I sat down next to Y/N, she looked terrible. That glow she always use to have pretty much vanished. I know exactly why that is. Putting my drink down on the floor, I placed my phone in Y/N hand. She took a deep breath before she decided to to unlock the phone. Y/N POV Wow, what a man to betray the one he loves or use to love. Maybe its not him. Maybe that was just a girl..maybe he was with another girl, having... fun. "Did you take it" .I said staring at nothing in particular. "I have it right here " he said with a playful smile tossing his phone up and down. Namjoon took a seat next to me, handing over his phone to me. "Well it's now or never" I thought to myself before taking a deep breath, unlocking Namjoon's phone. It's him.....with a bright gummy smile, sitting across a girl, although her face was not visible. It took a while for this new information to sink in. My throat was in a knot, not being able to bring out what I was thinking at the moment. I took a sip of lemonade He look at me and already knew my answer to his question. "So what will you do now Y/N " Namjoon asked, curious to know what I've been thinking this entire time. "I refuse to marry him, a cheater " I said in a low disappointed and angry tone. In that moment my phone rang.. Speak of the devil, it was Yoongi calling but of coarse I wasn't going to pick up. I was still devistated and you could easily tell from my voice. Letting it go on until I saw two new message notification. Finally getting the courage to open the messages. YOONGI Princess, the workload is brutal. YOONGI I won't be able to make it to out date tonight. I love you my princess <3 I covered my mouth trying to hold back the anger built up, bitting on to my bottom lip to the point blood came out. Namjoon quickly cleaned up my blood with a small paper towel he had on him. He couldn't believe the messages. How could he lie about loving you. Filling you up with false hopes. He sure was too good to be true. You thought to yourself while cleaning the last bit of blood on your lip. "Y/N what are you  going to do now, telling your parents, that won't be a good idea in all honesty." Namjoon said bringing me into a warm hug. No I won't let him get away that easy. I said to Namjoon gaining a sudden burst of confidence. "Whatever you need baby girl, I'll help you out" Namjoon said as I was getting up from the chair. All of them will see, they will see him for who he really is. But for now we had to go, it was 10 to 7 and we promised my mom to be there by 7. Namjoon was already picking up his lemonade and mine, he knew two well, never fails to surprise me. The way he would time himself caught my attention, they don't call him a genius for nothing. "Joonie, I will need your help for this one" I said making him stop for a little bit, I guess to make sure he heard correctly. "Your wish is my command baby girl" he said, making me blush unexpectedly and with no way to cover myself I began to laugh it off a bit.  "Expect a call tonight, okay I'll let you know what I'll decided To do before the big day. Now let's hurry up before my mother starts throwing a fit about being late. " smiling back at him before I picked up the pase. It's been almost 30 minutes, Namjoon and I were just standing there confused that my mom hasn't shown up at all. I took out my phone and decided to call. Hmm... No answer. There was a message I didn't realize was there. So I opened it. Mom Y/N I had to go back to the office, its urgent. there's no time to explain. Mr. Kim will be there to protect you if anything, but anyways have fun. Okay, that's alright at least I won't have to face my mom with all the mix emotions running up and down my body. Until tomorrow. "Joonie is there anywhere else you want to go before we leave" I said, not wanting to stay longer than we had to. "She's not coming is she" he said, not at all surprised "Nope, she's gone back to the office. apparently something big came up" I said while we were walking towards the exit. It was almost 8, the night was looking stunning. The starts slowly making their presence known.  That's something not everyone admires. When I turned to look left, my eyes were met with the view of a handsome man. Staring up at the stars. Tracing the few constellations in  view with his index finger. From his pinkish blond hair to his dimples being the cause of many females to fall for him. That man had trouble written all over him. But his gentle  nature I've encountered all these years tell me otherwise. "I don't want to go home...just yet. Let's go somewhere calm and private " I said to Namjoon getting his full attention. He took out his keys to a car I wasn't aware was his. As we got to the car he opened the passenger seat for me. "Well I could've done that myself" I blurted out to him as I was getting in. But he refused saying, it was his duty to do so and I should let him work. He buckled his seatbelt and we were off to his favorite spot. It so happened to be the my favorite spot as a child. I still remember that park like it was just yesterday. I would walk within the small paths of the park, that made it seem like you were walking in the woods but without the fear of having some loony after you. Wow it's bigger than I remember it being. There were more trees and smaller paths connecting to bigger ones. It's a calm night, the stars are more visible here. "Namjoon, I've decided. I know what I want to do" I said as we walked side by side, deeper into the darkness of the night. "So what will it be Y/N, again your choice I'll just serve as your partner in crime" he said, looking at me insinuating the worse. "All I want is to expose him, for who he is." I said, remembering how close I was, I caught him. I caught him and he doesn't even know yet. He definitely won't expect what's coming. "Okay so what's the plan, your weeding is in two days Y/N, anything can happen" Well, I've been planning it since we got out of the Plaza. You're not the only genius here you know. "Cute very cute...I like that" he said, playing with my hair leaving it a strange mess. First off I'll need you to help me find an apartment, and no it doesn't have to be high fashion. "So you're planning to run away?" he said slightly confused of the idea. Not exactly, I just wont be able to see my parents face to face, since they were the ones setting me up with a guy like him. Y/N you're risking your reputation as the daughter of Mr. Jong. That's the least of my worries Namjoon, Look I'll give you all the money you want just help me out here" "Y/N calm down i don't want your money and yes I will help you, I don't want you to get hurt. I'll start searching today okay " he said as we continued to walk out of the small wooded path. "Hey Namjoon can I ask you something?" I said avoiding eye contact. "Have you ever been In love?" "Not untill recently but even so I refuse to call it love per se" he said looking intensly into my soul. I felt something, something strange as he looked at me, I shock it off and kept walking until we reached Namjoon's car. "We should head home now"  he said opening the passager door. This time I let him, oddly enough it felt right. Before I could speak a word about what I planned to do we were already at the front of my house. "You coming in Joonie" I said playing with his hair. "Not today Y/N, but don't worry call me if anything. I'm a call away, alright baby girl." And with that I thanked him and walked out of the car and towards the front door of the house. As I closed the door behind me, that lonely feeling I've always manage to hide, over came me. I am two days away from my weeding. Now feeling more anxious than ever trying to figure out a plan.                      It's 11:50 at night, after pacing back and forth in my room I decided to start packing, grabbing my empty luggage and placing it on the bed. I grabbed only what I needed most. So I began packing Shirts Pants Underwear Bras A few sweaters in case it gets chilly outside, and also my sneakers. I zipped up the luggage, and grabbed my phone ready to call Namjoon when suddenly someone knocked on my door.