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Is it worth watching..? I wasn't able to finish watching Naruto since 1. I got bored and 2. THERES LIKE 800 EPISODES..
Is this a running show or all of the episodes out and ready to b watched?
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I may have to check this out I usually like to wait until shows finish but I don't know if I can wait on this one. I hope there's no fillers I slipped all of the naruto ones
naruto episodes 250 naruto shippuden episodes 500.
Boruto is good if you liked Naruto and aren't ready to let go of the characters and the story. Like me! Personally I LOVE Boruto!
naruto's 150+ episodes of filler(just an estimate but probably right) is what made the anime a drag to watch because while some fillers were good people wanted the actual story so I recommend reading through Naruto could be finished in less than a week and then hop on the boruto train and catch up so u could stick to a manageable one a week while it can be frustrating it is not nearly as tiring as 75 fillers and 25 actual episodes of story in a week boruto should be getting to a juicy arc soon so I recommend it