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Hello JJP Bouncers and IGOT7, I am here to bring you #GotVisualBoyfriend7. So I am not sure what this is to mean but I am guessing it means a visual of them being your boyfriend, so here you go. Let's start with the parents and then the kids.
Jinyoung(Jr) the perfect boyfriend who brings you the first pet for you both to share and raise. He is kind and shows his soft side, by caring for a pet together.
You have JB who is cute , but can be there to support you in the need of some one to talk to. He would be the rock that would hug you and address you problems and have a solution for them.
Now let's start with the kids...
There is Youngjae even though he is sometimes corky. He will make you laugh! I mean look at the expression on that face. Just that right there makes me laugh. He would be the one to entertain you and make you smile even if you are sad.
Then you have Mark. He would be your cuddle buddy and keep you warm. He loves to cuddle, he will hold you in his arm, and protect you as you let out your tears. He will also hold you and make you feel safe in a bad world.
Then you have Jackson with this musclar form and sometimes becomes a drama queen there to pick you up, when you are down and comfort you. He can would use those muscular arms to wipe away those tears and to hold you.
Yugyeom with his cute smile, would make you smile with him everyday! He would tell you jokes, to make you laugh and keep you smiling.
And then there is BamBam with his sofisticated self. He would take you out to dance, sing and have a great time. He would serenade you and make you feeling all warm inside with that soft voice of his. You would slow dance with him across the floor. And he will have you close to his heart.

A picture of the whole family!
I hope you enjoyed these and I hope this was correct, even if it wasn't I had fun coming up with these. Until next time, have a great day!
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